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What's ahead for big data & analytics? Video de 30 mn.

Vídeo en inglés de 32:50 minutos en you tube

What's ahead for big data & analytics? Video de 30 mn.

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Actualizado el 9 de diciembre, 2013 - 17.16hs.

In 2013, interest in big data, analytics and data science jumped out of the gate strong early in the year - and grew from there. More people than ever are interested in what big data can do for their organization, how analytics can give them an edge, and how to find, train and best use data scientists. The two guests dove into those topics and gave us a look at what they think will be the hottest topics and developments of 2014.

Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, Ph.D. (@KDNuggets) is editor and publisher of KDnuggets.com, and a well-known expert in business analytics, data mining and data science. He can be found high on anyone's list of "who's who in big data." Michael Karasick, Ph.D. (@MichaelKarasick) is vice president of research in IBM's acclaimed Almaden Research Lab where he oversees scientists and engineers performing exploratory and applied research. David Pittman (@TheSocialPitt) will hosted the discussion with these.

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