Next generation networks will require a significant boost in performance, network throughput and agility to maximize the opportunities created by 5G at sustainable costs. At the virtual edge it is vital that platforms deployed today take full advantage of commercial off the shelf servers with NUMA balanced designs and multi-node scalability in order to reduce dependability on proprietary designs and lower TCO. This webinar addresses the architectural shortcomings found when disaggregating network, compute and storage from the upper-layer application function and how Intel Select Solutions can help Communication Service Providers (CommSPs) simplify network design choices with: - a balanced server reference design, where each NUMA node has identical capacity resources - a multi-node architecture which allows user-plane functions to be scaled out across multiple systems enabling a more efficient use of hardware resources for lower TCO - a commercial vBNG solution that supports increased subscriber density, while retaining highest throughput and cost efficiency per rack unit - unique remote vBNG evaluation and benchmarking services deployed in WWT’s Advanced Technology Center Presented by: -Paul Stevens, Marketing Director, Cloud-IoT Group (Advantech) -David Williams, Senior VP Sales & Marketing (netElastic) -Obi Egonu, Practice Lead, Network Virtualization Systems (WWT) -Ai Bee Lim, Solution Architect (Intel)


16:00 - 17:00 hs GMT+1


Data Center Insights from Intel
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