Our panelists Louella Fernandes, Director at Quocircaand Dieter Kittenberger, from HP, Head of Software Solutions Business Development in APJ & EMEA, will take you through the latest trends in migrating print management in to the Cloud. The webinar will be moderated by Martin Engdal, CEO at One Q Technologies.
Louella Fernandes, Quocirca, will be presenting, why growing cloud momentum is creating opportunities for MPS providers to drive cost efficiencies for their customers and also build longer term strategic relationships. In addition, she will also cover key trends in the industry and how cloud print services can help businesses deliver on key business outcomes.
Dieter Kittenberger, HP, will share exclusive and valuable insights to the digital transformation of HP. 
Link to webinar registration here.
If you are unable to attend, you can sign up anyway, and receive the recording afterwards. 
What we will explore at the webinar:
· Key findings from the Global Print 2025 Study and its impact on the printing industry.
· Why print management is moving to the Cloud and what opportunities it brings to suppliers.
· Insights on how HP incorporates Cloud-based Print- & Document Solutions to support customer’s in their digital transformation journey.

* After your registration you will receive a Summary of the Quocirca Print 2025 Report and Quocirca Cloud Print Services 2020 custom report with market trends in full length and a One Q profile after the webinar. 


15:00 - 16:00 hs GMT+1


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