Hyperion, el sistema de Archivos Digitales no librarios de Sirsi, dedicada a ofrecer tecnología a Bibliotecas, con oficinas y clientes en España, utilizará a partir de ahora la tecnología de Convera, RetrievalWare, también con oficinas en nuestro país.

Hyperion, el Archivo Digital de Medios de Sirsi, es una herramienta para organizar, almacenar, mantener y acceder de forma sencilla a fondos no librarios en formato digital: desde documentos históricos delicados, fotografías raras y obras de arte hasta vídeos, dibujos y documentos para la formación a distancia. Hyperion ofrece acceso instantáneo a cualquier documento para cualquier persona, en cualquier momento, desde cualquier lugar.
En España son clientes de éste u otros productos de Sirsi instituciones y empresas como la Universidad Carlos III o la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Respecto al software de Convera, en nuestro país está representado por la empresa Data Cartridge (www.dce.es )


TORONTO & VIENNA, Va.–June 23, 2003– Convera (Nasdaq:CNVR) and Sirsi, the leader in new-name sales for libraries around the world, today announced at the annual meeting of the American Libraries Association meeting in Toronto, Canada, that Sirsi is enhancing the search and retrieval capabilities of its HyperionDigital Media Archive offering by integrating the product with Convera’s RetrievalWare technology. As a result, Hyperion becomes the first digital media archive product in the library market to offer users the ability to perform full text searches in multiple languages across multiple data types.

Sirsi’s Hyperion Digital Media Archive system provides librarians with an easy way to store, organize, and access their library’s or archive’s non-book holdings. With Hyperion, users can easily access and view full digital images of a library’s collection (documents, maps, photographs, multimedia clips, etc.) from anywhere via the Internet.

By embedding Convera’s RetrievalWare, the Hyperion Digital Archive is strengthened in the following areas:

    * Enhanced search functionality – RetrievalWare achieves high levels of both recall and precision through advanced search methods, including concept, pattern, and Boolean-based searches that can be used independently or interactively to enable the highest levels of accuracy. RetrievalWare’s powerful index and query pipelines use sophisticated formatting and linguistic processing components to achieve these results.
    * Multilingual and cross-lingual searching – RetrievalWare will enable Hyperion users to search in numerous languages, including Chinese, French, Spanish, and English. RetrievalWare is currently available in more than 45 languages. RetrievalWare’s cross-lingual capability, available in six languages, enables users to enter a search request in one language and receive relevant result documents across multiple languages.
* Scalability – The RetrievalWare architecture enables it to support thousands of users, extremely large document repositories, and provides precise search results in fractions of a second.

«By adding powerful multilingual search capabilities to Hyperion, Sirsi is able to strengthen its offering overseas, especially as we offer Hyperion to markets in China and Europe,» said Sirsi’s Berit Nelson, vice president of product management. «Sirsi also chose to embed RetrievalWare due to its scalability, multiplatform support, and the ease in which it can be deployed.»

Sirsi serves more than 10,000 individual libraries of all types and sizes around the world, including academic, consortia, corporate, government, public, school, and special libraries. Among the libraries currently using Sirsi’s Hyperion Digital Media Archive to organize, store, and manage their digital holdings are University of Southern Mississippi, the University of Glouchestershire, UK, the New South Wales Parliamentary Library in Australia, the Council of Europe in Straousburg, France, the Schaumburg (Illinois) Township District Library, the Engineering Research and Development Center Research Library in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and the National Association of Homebuilders in Washington, DC.

About Sirsi

Sirsi (www.sirsi.com) recognizes that today’s librarians are on a mission to break down walls – barriers that limit the knowledge and resources accessible to library users. A partner with leading libraries around the globe since 1979, Sirsi provides software and services that assist libraries in breaking down walls, thereby promoting learning, empowerment, and opportunity for diverse user communities. Sirsi’s portfolio of products and services includes the iBistro and iLink e-Library solutions, the Unicorn Library Management System, the Hyperion Digital Media Archive, Sirsi Rooms Context Management Solutions, and a full slate of services.

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