Publicamos 57 videos de las ponencias que formaron parte del Big Data Spain 2016 celebrado el pasado 17 y 18 de noviembre.

Los videos que aparecen son:

– Big Data for digital transformation by Oscar Méndez

– Has AI Arrived? by Paco Nathan

– Welcome Keynote by Oscar Méndez

– Enabling the Bank of the Future by Ignacio Bernal

– The Enterprise and Connected Data, Trends in the Apache Hadoop Ecosystem by Alan Gates

– Multiplatform Spark solution for Graph datasources by Javier Dominguez

– Stratio’s Cassandra Lucene index: Geospatial use cases by Andres de la Peña

– Business talk by Alan Chhabra

– Scaling data engineering by Michael Hausenblas

– Inferring the effect of an event using CausalImpact by Kay Brodersen 

– Growing Data Scientists by Amparo Alonso

– Managing Data Science by David Martinez 

– Keynote by Chema Alonso

– Running a Petascale Data System: good, bad, and ugly choices by Alexey Kharlamov

– Open data: from Insight to Visualisation with Google BigQuery and by Thomas Park 

– Data as a catalyst for a new approach to innovation by Giovanna Miritello 

– Stream Processing as Game Changer for Big Data and IoT by Kai Wähner 

– Roundtable at Big Data Spain 2016 

– The Rise of Engineering-Driven Analytics by Loren Shure

– Recent Advancements by Chris Flegly

– Tensorflow: architecture and use case – Nasa Space Apps Challenge by Gema Parreño 

– Prepping your analytics organization for AI by Ramkumar Ravichandran 

– Building a Complete End-to-End Batch and Real-time Recommendation Engine by Chris Fregly 

– Finding the needle in the haystack by Rafael Villoria and Rafael San Miguel 

– From data to AI with the Machine Learning Canvas by Louis Dorard 

– Advanced data science algorithms by David Piris and Ignacio García

– Big data architecture for prediction and decision by Rafael Muñoz 

– From data to numbers to knowledge: semantic embeddings by Álvaro Barbero 

– Databases — the choice is yours by Philipp Krenn 

– Next generation Polyglot Architectures using Neo4j by Stefan Kolmar 

– Apache Hive 2.0 SQL, Speed, Scale by Alan Gates

– Solving the Industry 4.0 challenges on the logistics domain by Angel Conde 

– GPU Accelerated Natural Language Processing by Guillermo Moliní 

– Apache Flink for IoT by Aljoscha Krettek 

– Awesome Logging Infrastructure Using The Elastic Stack by Philipp Krenn

– Efficient Big Data Exploration with SQL and Apache Drill by Jonatan Kazmierczak 

– Building a Spark Streaming application by Petar Zecevic

– Introduction to Apache Apex by Thomas Weise 

– Round Table by Oscar Méndez, Alan Chhabra, Ramkumar Ravichandran and Joe Rice 

– Are we reaching a Data Science Singularity? by Natalino Busa 

– Converging Big Data and Application Infrastructure By Steven Poutsy 

– Multi-node Restricted Boltzmann Machines for Big Data by Nikolay Manchev

– Computable Content with Jupyter, Docker, Mesos by Paco Nathan

– Big Migrations: Moving elephant herds by Carlos Izquierdo 

– Rapidly develop and deploy your own machine learning applications by Anthony Zupnik 

– A unified (future proof) model for Big Data processing by Ismaël Mejía 

– Machine Learning with Apache Spark by Petar Zecevic 

– Assessing spatial accessibility to primary health by Gennaro Angiello and María Henar Salas-Olmedo

– Stream Processing use cases and applications with Apache Apex by Thomas Weise 

– Visualization as an example for exercising democratic transparency by Lisa Lange and Sandra Cobos

– Why Apache Flink is better than Spark by Rubén Casado

– Migration and Coexistence between Relational and NoSQL Databases by Manuel Hurtado 

– Big data in 140 characters by Joe Rice at Big Data Spain 2016 

– Turning an idea into a Data-Driven Production System by Lucas García 

– Better together: Fast Data with Apache Spark by Michael Griggs

– Shortening the Feedback Loop by Josh Baer 


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