WEHCO Media, compañía de comunicaciones propietaia de 25 periódicos, ha desplegado el software NewsEngin Ampere como su nuevo sistema de gestión de contenidos para sus publicaciones diarias y semanales. Más abajo el comunicado de prensa en inglés.

NewsEngin worked with technology managers at WEHCO to add a range of features for users of tablets and desktop web browsers. These enhancements include the ability to write headlines to fit and to easily “clone” stories and pages for multiple publications. WEHCO and NewsEngin also devised features that let multiple publications share content from a single database that still provides each publication with control over its own workflow rules and metadata.

WEHCO Media is a privately owned communications company. WEHCO owns 14 daily and 11 weekly newspapers. WEHCO properties include the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in Little Rock, the NW Arkansas Times and the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

NewsEngin software combines end-user newspaper software and cloud-based services to drive the mission-critical journalistic and publishing processes of print and digital news organizations. NewsEngin streamlines the creation and publication of high-value content with minimal on-site investment in IT.

“The WEHCO deployment quiets the concerns of any technology managers who wonder if NewsEngin’s cloud service can meet all of their company’s needs,” said George Landau, NewsEngin’s president and founder.

“We are very pleased to be working with NewsEngin in deploying their editorial system across all our properties,” said Clay Carson, director of IT for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. “NewsEngin was founded by newspaper people, so they understand what newsrooms need to publish on time. They also are open to suggestions for changes and are able to make these changes very quickly.”

NewsEngin’s editorial CMS is called Ampere. At the core of the NewsEngin Ampere is GPS, a platform-neutral content-management system (CMS) designed to help journalists create, manage and repurpose all types of content. Sometimes referred to as “newspaper software” or an “editorial front-end,” GPS helps organizations adapt quickly to the changing nature of news coverage and distribution, while also protecting legacy investments in pagination and web-publishing software.

Ampere provides full functionality to users with iPads, Android tablets and the Kindle Fire. Reporters, editors and producers can use any device – anywhere – to write, edit and distribute their content.

The NewsEngin system further intelligently routes and packages all content eligible for digital publication and allows all newspapers, websites and broadcast properties in a company to track and share content. A story can be written once in the NewsEngin system and published to multiple publishing platforms with no additional work.

Stories and text elements are written directly in GPS, using a full-featured word processor that requires no browser plugins. GPS features a powerful, intuitive plugin for Adobe InDesign (CS6, CS5.5, CS5 and CS4 for OSX and Windows). The NewsEngin plugin provides full integration with the editorial database and with a newsroom’s ad-layout software.

NewsEngin is using Amazon Web Services to provide high-performance cloud services with unparalleled resilience, availability, data security and affordability.

Both GPS and NewsEngin’s InDesign plugin support newsrooms with traditional, centralized staffing as well as virtual newsrooms that distribute tasks such as editing and page design to workers in various locations.

On the back end, GPS can deliver edited stories to a web CMS for publication to PCs and mobile devices. Automatic categorization of content automatically can route web content to the correct areas of a site or app.

GPS includes an intuitive digital-asset manager that can serve as a management dashboard for collected photos, audio and video files. NewsEngin also fully integrates with external ad-layout programs.














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