El personal del hospital estadounidense de St. Johns gestiona los informes de sus pacientes con el Enterprise Business Intelligence Series desarrollado por Cognos, el fabicante de software BI. Con esta nueva incorporción ahora resulta mucho más sencillo realizar análisis en profundidad sobre los pacientes del hospital y sobre la información adminsitrativa.


BURLINGTON Mass., April 20 — The Healthcare Corporation of St. Johns (HCCSJ) has implemented Cognos Enterprise Business Intelligence Series (EBI), including Cognos ReportNet, across the organization, enabling healthcare staff to improve patient and people management. Cognos, the world leader in corporate performance management solutions, provides HCCSJ with an efficient, easy-to- use performance management system that gives HCCSJ the tools to track important business and patient indicators, improve reporting processes and perform in-depth analysis on patient and administrative data.

HCCSJ is the largest health care organization in Newfoundland and Labrador with close to 7000 staff members. With Cognos EBI, HCCSJ is improving patient management processes and has a deeper understanding of patient data at both a macro and individual level. Cognos EBI is providing increased insight into estimated lengths of stay, discharge times, inter-hospital patient transfer, as well as the ability to track and trend diagnosis for patients and quickly identify trends in illness occurrences. In addition, hospital managers have online access to analyze and report on personnel data to ensure they are meeting the corporate and industry standards for sick leave, workers compensation etc.

«The information we get from Cognos is pushed out to our staff through several standardized reports,» said Rick Woodman, project manager, St. John’s Healthcare Corporation. «In addition, staff can do their own drill-through analysis. The ability to see information that they need, when they need it has made decision making much easier for senior management. Having access to our key indicators helps improve human resources, patient care and financial reporting.»

HCCSJ is currently implementing an automated balanced scorecard with Cognos, which will soon enable staff to easily monitor all key performance indicators. Eventually HCCSJ staff will have the ability to create reports in their own areas with Cognos ReportNet. This new reporting solution will facilitate reporting in English or French and will bring information from all departments in the corporation together so that all divisions can work jointly to create relevant reports.

«The ability to get up-to-date information on key indicators means HCCSJ will be able to recognize possible problems and deal with them quickly and efficiently,» said Terence Atkinson, director of public sector solutions, Cognos. «With their ability to monitor patient information, they will be able to deal effectively with patient management issues.»

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