La compañía especializada en soluciones de gestión documental Interwoven ha anunciado que su gestor de correo electrónico E-Mail Management ha sido su producto con mejor acogida por parte del mercado desde hace años.

Interwoven aprovechó su presencia en LegalTech 2004, evento dedicado a las tecnologías para departamentos legales y bufetes de abogados celebrado entre los días 2 y 4 de este mes en Nueva York, para realizar este anuncio en el que destacó la creciente necesidad de control derivada de las implicaciones legales del archivo y gestión del medio de comunicación más utilizado entre empleados y empresas.

Más información en la siguiente nota de prensa en inglés.

NEW YORK, LegalTech 2004/ Interwoven today announced that its new E-mail Management Solution has gained record adoption among leading global law firms. Based on Interwoven WorkSite, the industry-leading collaboration and content management system, the solution has proven highly effective and has won solid customer support in addressing the industry’s urgent need for better e-mail management.

E-mail management has become a pressing issue for law firms and professional services organizations, which depend on e-mail for an increasingly large volume of critical business communications. According to a survey of leading
law firms conducted in 2003 by iManage (prior to the Interwoven merger), more than 70% of such firms report that the majority of their client and matter communication occurs via e-mail.

Typically, e-mails are stored in user in-boxes, on local hard drives, and in server-based e-mail archives, outside whatever document management system the firm might have in place. As a result, the matter and client content they contain cannot be reliably searched, accessed, or shared by attorneys in other locations — a particular liability given the fact that 75 % of the firms surveyed reported that they are managing client matters with multi-office practice and matter teams. Such e-mails are also easily deleted by users or administrators, making compliance with record retention policies difficult if not impossible to enforce, and posing the constant risk of lost information and knowledge.

The challenge firms face today is to ensure that all e-mails are captured and managed in the context of the matter to which they relate, creating a virtual matter folder that provides a single view into the full scope of matter or client content and lays the foundation for better records keeping and knowledge management.

The Interwoven E-mail Management Solution brings comprehensive, scalable e-mail management to the ECM platform. The solution consists of two parts:

* Interwoven MailSite.

Interwoven’s market leading e-mail client integrates the Interwoven repository directly into Microsoft Outlook. With
Interwoven MailSite software, the entire Interwoven WorkSite Server software repository is exposed in Outlook as a set of folders, enabling e-mails to be dragged and dropped directly into the repository alongside all other business content, thereby eliminating the notion of two different sets of folders — one for e-mail and one for other content. With MailSite, users also can view and check in/check out documents, spreadsheets, and other content stored in WorkSite directly from within the Outlook client. Similar integrations are available for Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise. As part of its e-mail management solution, Interwoven MailSite has been enhanced to allow firms to prompt users to file e-mails based on criteria specified by the organization, in the normal course of work. This method ensures that
filing policies are adhered to and contrasts with approaches that rely on complex rules that impose an unrealistic burden on the organization to develop, maintain, and ensure the accuracy of these rules.

* Interwoven WorkSite Communication Server.

The latest extension of Interwoven WorkSite, Interwoven WorkSite Communication Server software makes it simple for companies to capture e-mail correspondence in context by subject, such as the client matter or deal to which it pertains, and merge it with other relevant documents and content in a collaborative document management system. The WorkSite Communication Server enables firms to establish e-mail addresses for each matter file in the Interwoven WorkSite repository, so correspondence can be copied and sent to the file as easily
as any e-mail recipient. This streamlines the process of filing correspondence and documents that are sent as e-mail attachments directly into a single, unified file managed with comprehensive version control and security in the WorkSite repository along side all other matter-related content. It also streamlines communications with clients and enables new attorneys on a matter to come up to speed quickly, improving service to clients.

Interwoven customers have responded enthusiastically to the Interwoven E- mail Management Solution, with recent purchases by organizations that include Dechert, LLP, DLA, Federal Communications Commission, Holland and
Knight, Littler Mendelson, and Motorola Law Department. «Too often we find that client workproduct originates and remains in our e-mail system,» said Michael Williams, chief technology officer, Littler Mendelson, P.C. «For records and case management administration, this poses a significant challenge. Interwoven has provided a logical solution that attorneys and staff can understand and use on a daily basis.»

Said Dan Carmel, vice president, legal and enterprise compliance solutions for Interwoven, «The Interwoven E-mail Management Solution succeeds where other e-mail management products have failed by thoroughly addressing the
consistent capture, sharing, and securing of e-mail and making it a core part of the electronic matter folder. Firms that adopt this solution can increase productivity, enhance client satisfaction, and reduce their risk from e-mail overload. The rapid adoption of this solution by leading firms across North America and Europe is proof that by listening to client needs and developing solutions that address their challenges, Interwoven WorkSite continues to lead the industry in innovative solutions for the professional services sector.»

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