La división de Intergraph dedicada a la Gestión Documental, Intergraph Process, Power & Offshore acaba de lanzar SmartPlant Foundation 3.5.1, un software para la gestión de la información en plantas industriales o empresas de ingeniería. Intergraph tiene oficinas en España.


LAS VEGAS–Sept. 24, 2003– Intergraph Process, Power & Offshore is shipping the SmartPlant Foundation 3.5.1 lifecycle information management software, the Huntsville, Ala.-based division of Intergraph Corporation announced today at the International Process & Power 2003 conference.

The release delivers the first commercially supported version of The Engineering Framework, the unprecedented new enterprise-wide integration technology developed by Intergraph with industry users. SmartPlant Foundation ( provides an information management platform for plant owners and engineering firms alike to achieve business and technical advantage throughout the project and plant lifecycle – meeting key business requirements for global information access and exchange, change control and fundamental work process improvement.

Other new features include enhanced support for U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations for pharmaceutical implementations, concurrent project support, a new desktop client, expanded document management capabilities and usability enhancements.

The Engineering Framework Integrates Workflows

Because SmartPlant Foundation incorporates The Engineering Framework (TEF) technology, it enables dynamic sharing and re-use of plant information among previously disparate authoring applications. This unprecedented level of integration optimizes concurrent engineering, improves quality, shortens project schedules and supports business decisions for cost reduction. It embodies an «enter information once, re-use many times» philosophy. Engineers performing process, piping, instrumentation and 3D modeling work within their own familiar applications. Intergraph SmartPlant P&ID 4.0, INtools 6.0, SmartPlant 3D and Aspen Zyqad 13 are the first TEF-enabled, data-centric engineering tools.

SmartPlant Foundation stores information published to TEF by engineers for review or action and coupled with electronic workflow, delivers any current work activities to other engineering disciplines involved in up- or downstream work processes.

Meets Pharmaceutical Industry Needs

SmartPlant Foundation helps pharmaceutical companies optimize time to market and increase manufacturing efficiencies by providing a managed environment for information that can affect product quality or patient outcomes. Engineering information is used to streamline key business processes, such as meeting international regulatory requirements – in particular, the FDA current Good Manufacturing Practices and 21 CFR Part 11 rule for electronic records and signatures. New U. S. guidelines for Part 11 issued in August 2003 restate that a secure access environment and the use of electronic signatures to approve, review or verify actions governed by FDA rulings remain a key requirement for compliance. Secure user access is a fundamental capability of SmartPlant Foundation. A new enhancement for secure electronic signoff requires authorized users to re-enter their username and password to complete certain controlled tasks. The added security is further strengthened by support for HTTPS secure servers.

Improvements Expand Functionality, Usability

From multi-project management and reporting to Web architecture enhancements and new document management capabilities, a variety of improvements expand the functionality and usability of SmartPlant Foundation. Addressing multi-project needs, SmartPlant Foundation manages simultaneous projects within the operating plant. Concurrent project teams extract their own working copy of the same plant area information and plan upgrades or other changes. Following review and installation, the project submission is accepted and then becomes the new as-built configuration.

Usability improvements include Microsoft .NET architecture in the desktop client, the primary SmartPlant Foundation user interface, which provides flexible installation, self-maintenance and easier administration and customization.

Ad-hoc reporting is also enhanced with improved definition and the ability to use Microsoft Excel for formatting, using predefined templates.

Document management improvements include local file management, revisioning and reference file support.

SmartPlant Foundation Manages the Lifecycle Information Asset

SmartPlant Foundation manages the availability, integrity and accuracy of engineering information. It builds an electronic library about a plant and its configuration – structure, tags, assets and documents. SmartPlant Foundation encompasses a plant’s initial design and ongoing operating upgrades and modifications, defining and driving electronic work processes, tracking changes and managing engineering revisions. Open, independent data storage and access manages data from both Intergraph and third party authoring applications and protects and increases the value of engineering information, regardless of the IT infrastructure in place.

About Intergraph Process, Power & Offshore

Intergraph Process, Power & Offshore enables customers to create, capture and manage plant information as a strategic asset by providing integrated life cycle software for the engineering, design, construction and operation of process and power plants as well as offshore oil and gas facilities. Core brands include SmartPlant and PDS for plant design, IntelliShip for marine design, SmartPlant Foundation for lifecycle engineering information management and MARIAN for materials, procurement and supply chain management. Backed by a quarter century of industry experience, Intergraph Process, Power & Offshore ( is the acknowledged global leader in the plant creation market (Source: Daratech Inc.). A division of Intergraph Corporation, Process, Power & Offshore is headquartered in Huntsville, Ala. USA, employs more than 700 people and does business in more than 60 countries.

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