Interwoven ha anunciado en la Feria IT de Gartner que se está celebrando en Orlando, USA, el lanzamiento de lo que denomina ‘Brand Portal Solution’, una solución de gestión de contenidos y archivos pensada para los departamentos de márketing de las grandes empresas.


ORLANDO, Fla., Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, Oct 20, 2003  — Interwoven, Inc., and SBI and Company (SBI), a leading professional services firm, today announced the availability of its Brand Portal Solution designed to help leading enterprises build, manage and steward their brands. Developed jointly, the Brand Portal Solution combines Interwoven MediaBin Asset Server software, the industry’s most powerful integrated digital asset management (DAM) solution, with SBI’s expertise in brand strategy and technology implementation consulting to provide a digital foundation for building, leveraging, and controlling enterprise brands. With a Brand Portal in place, organizations can expect to achieve faster rollouts of corporate and product launches, tighter control of their brands throughout the demand chain, and increased brand value.

The Challenge of Brand Stewardship

An April 2002 report by business intelligence firm Cutting Edge Information entitled Maximizing Your Brand Value states «Companies that fail at brand management treat their brands as marketing-only concerns, while top companies treat brands as major corporate assets.» The report discusses how companies such as Coca-Cola, Southwest Airlines, Volvo, and McDonald’s match brand strategy with consistent execution to build high-value corporate brands that stand the test of time. With the launch of the Brand Portal, Interwoven and SBI deliver a solution to meet this challenge of brand stewardship — the art of creating, building, and energizing profitable brands — confronting today’s enterprise.

About the Brand Portal Solution

The Brand Portal Solution is a single place for brand managers and their constituencies, such as marketing and advertising agencies, distributors and channel partners, to build, leverage and distribute brand assets. The solution provides marketing departments of all sizes the ability to control the marketing content development, management, and distribution process. Critical components of the solution include:

    — SBI’s proven brand stewardship methodology for assessing, developing
       and managing enterprise brands, both as individual brands and as part
       of an overall roster of enterprise brands under a unified brand
    — Interwoven’s proven and robust platform to build, leverage, access, and
       control enterprise brand assets, such as corporate and product logos,
       product images, brochures, presentations and other rich media assets,
       utilized within enterprise software applications, Web properties, and
       print collateral.  Interwoven software enables and controls access to
       these assets for employees, agencies, and partners, ensuring proper
       protection of valuable brand assets;
    — SBI and Interwoven’s combined approach to developing and powering brand
       stewardship guidelines and principals within a secure portal to drive
       appropriate usage of all brand assets within key marketing programs,
       such as product launches, cooperative marketing programs, and marketing

For example, with the help of SBI and MediaBin one global software company was able to ease its brand division bottleneck by providing partners and employees with 24/7 access to brand assets as well as guidance on how and when to use the assets. Not only did the Brand Portal ensure the company’s brand was consistently presented but it dramatically enhanced access to assets by reducing search time for users from hours to minutes. The Interwoven Brand Portal is now being used by thousands of employees and over 250 external partners worldwide every day.

    Benefits of the Interwoven Brand Portal Solution

    — Accelerate Speed-to-Market:  Reduces the time it takes to launch
       products and supporting marketing and sales campaigns;
    — Control Brand Consistency:  With MediaBin’s patent-pending rendition
       management capabilities, users can control and maintain the brand
       identity of products and the corporation.  They can be confident that
       they are using appropriate and up-to-date versions of digital assets
       across all Internet-based applications;
    — Drive Profitability:  Helps organizations more efficiently manage,
       distribute, and reuse costly digital assets — ultimately reducing
       search time for assets and saving money in costly re-development of
       brand images.

Delivering Brand Stewardship

«Large companies today, with their globally-distributed businesses, need to increase control of how their brand is presented. This means giving employees and partners access to the assets and guidance they need to deliver the brand message consistently across all touch points in the right language and for the right culture,» said Jeffery Reid, vice president of SBI and Company. «Together with SBI’s brand design and systems development expertise, Interwoven’s Brand Portal Solution gives businesses the power and the tools to provide easy, secure and controlled access to the right assets and information that ensures good brand stewardship.»

«With the launch of the Brand Portal Solution, Interwoven addresses a critical pain felt by marketing organizations around the globe, regardless of vertical focus or market reach,» said Kevin Hayden, vice president of corporate marketing for Interwoven. «By enabling companies to fully leverage MediaBin to meet their needs both today and down the road, SBI and Interwoven are helping companies safeguard one of their most important and vulnerable assets — their brand.»

The Interwoven Brand Portal Solution integrates seamlessly with leading portal applications from BEA, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Plumtree and SAP via Interwoven’s service-oriented architecture, a Web service-enabled, next generation interface to all Interwoven services.


Interwoven Brand Portal Solution can be purchased from Interwoven today. For more information visit

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