La Administración local canadiense está haciendo un esfuerzo por digitalizar al máximo toda la documentación que maneja. La municipalidad de York, con 850.000 residentes, acaba de implementar la Gestión de Información de Hummingbird para llevar a cabo esta digitalización. 


TORONTO, Sept. 29 /- Hummingbird Ltd. today announced that the Regional Municipality of York in Ontario, Canada, has successfully completed a deployment of Hummingbird Enterprise to preserve, protect and manage its electronic documents and records, enhancing the efficiency of its information management systems. The fully integrated document and records management, imaging and workflow technologies provide the Region with an organized, secure environment to manage the complete lifecycle of electronic documents from creation to ultimate disposition.

Electronic documents and records are created and received by local governments on a daily basis. For example, correspondence, minutes and briefing notes, content  posted on public Web sites or e-mails recording communication with government staff and contractors or suppliers, are all considered electronic records. All city and regional government workers have legislated responsibilities towards documents and records created and received during the course of their work to ensure compliance with provincial Freedom of Information (FOI) requirements.

«Compliance with provincial legislation and the crisis of September 11th prompted us to look seriously at alternatives to our traditional record- keeping practices,» said Denis Kelly, Regional Clerk at York Region. «The Hummingbird document and records management and imaging solutions have automated our paper-based system. With the secure search, retrieval and backup/restore capabilities, the Region’s staff can better manage and access our electronic content, improving our approval cycles and enhancing productivity.»

With Hummingbird Enterprise, every document, record, and file activity is carefully maintained in a detailed audit trail. Electronic information is stored, managed and categorized in a single, integrated interface and shared document management repositories. With the Hummingbird Imaging software, Region staff can convert paper-based documents into electronic data through the capture, mark-up and OCR capabilities, enabling access and storage of paper-based and electronic documents in a single document management repository. Users can quickly categorize electronic information using intuitive Web and Windows interfaces where they can easily search for, share, and access protected records. The familiar interfaces reduce training
requirements, easing administration burdens.

«Local governments across Canada are faced with the common challenge of developing an effective information management strategy to meet the legislative guidelines for preserving and protecting electronic records,» said Andrew Pery, chief marketing officer and senior vice president, Hummingbird Ltd. «Several municipal and regional governments currently implementing Hummingbird Enterprise include York Region and the Regional Municipality of Niagara in Ontario; the City of Red Deer in Alberta; and the cities of Langley, Richmond and Coquitlam in British Columbia. All local governments understand the critical nature of electronic records control and are benefiting from Hummingbird’s flexible, standards-compliant solution.»

About York Region
The Regional Municipality of York in Ontario, Canada, is made up of a confederation of nine municipalities and provides services to over 850,000 residents, 25,000 businesses and 395,000 employees. York Region has a two-tier government structure, with services provided by the Region and local area municipal governments. The Region provides services for its residents and businesses that include transportation services, transit, water, wastewater, emergency services, human services and growth management.

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