Nestlé ha elegido el Learning Content Management System de Click2learn para gestionar los contenidos de este tipo en toda la empresa. Click2Learn es implementado por Deloitte y Accenture.


Nestle Selects Aspen to Drive Corporate Training Initiative

Click2learn’s Aspen Enterprise Productivity Suite will provide full-service authoring environment for delivering and managing content and courseware for employees worldwide

BELLEVUE, Wash.–May 5, 2003– Click2learn, in conjunction with Crealogix, Click2learn’s Swiss partner, today announced that Nestle, the world’s largest food and beverage company, has chosen the Aspen Learning Content Management System (LCMS) to provide a collaborative authoring environment for creating courses and other training materials for the company’s worldwide workforce.

Nestle’s Factory Systems Training department is deploying Aspen LCMS as part of a corporate training initiative to help employees quickly gain the knowledge they need to be productive in their day-to-day jobs and better help meet Nestle’s global business goals.

«Since the early 1990’s, Click2learn has built a long history of expertise in learning and content authoring. Today, we provide the most comprehensive LCMS in the marketplace — and the only one that seamlessly integrates into a learning suite that leverages the power of a single platform to deliver LCMS content in a variety of compelling learning environments,» said Kevin Oakes, Click2learn chairman and CEO. «With Aspen’s collaborative environment and deep functionality, Nestle will be able to easily and cost-effectively create and manage large-scale content projects and assets and provide critical, targeted knowledge to accelerate employee readiness in all of its divisions.»

The Aspen Learning Content Management Server (LCMS) is a global, scalable, 100% Web-based application designed to create, manage and deliver high-quality, standards-based content. With its concurrent development capabilities, instructional designers, subject matter experts, reviewers and others can work together to quickly and efficiently create sophisticated, highly flexible, reusable learning content in any medium to deliver the best possible learning experience.

Among other capabilities, Aspen LCMS will enable Nestle to:

    * Use numerous built-in templates, reusable assets and learning objects
    * Repurpose content, authoring once and delivering in multiple formats
    * Manage development with built-in workflow, reporting and analytics
    * Deliver engaging, tailored content responsive to learners’ abilities
* Facilitate knowledge exchange between learners and experts

And because the Aspen Enterprise Productivity Suite is based on one platform, Aspen LCMS integrates seamlessly with other Aspen components and modules, creating one user experience and the most powerful and comprehensive learning platform on the market.

About Aspen

Click2learn’s award-winning Aspen Enterprise Productivity Suite enables organizations to strategically manage corporate knowledge and workforce productivity to improve business performance. With Aspen, organizations can deploy a comprehensive, integrated solution for their specific learning needs, all under one platform with one, seamless user experience. The Aspen Suite consists of separate but integrated modules, including

    * Learning Management (LMS)
    * Learning Content Management (LCMS)
    * Virtual Classroom (VCS)
    * Performance Management
    * Collaboration, Knowledge Exchange & Instant Messaging
    * Information Management
    * Simulation Creation and Editing
* Auditing and Compliance Tracking

Whether organizations choose to deploy the entire Aspen suite, or to integrate select Aspen applications with existing infrastructure, Aspen’s standards-based (AICC, SCORM, XML, etc.) modular and open architecture is designed to help companies reduce total cost of ownership and meet a wide variety of business goals.

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