Open Text ha presentado en la feria para clientes y partners LiveLink Up Orlando 2003 la nueva versión de su software para la gestión de contenidos web, Livelink for Web Publishing versión 1.2, y ha anunciado que venderá como un único producto su software y el de Gauss, que adquirió hace un mes, el año que viene.


CHICAGO, Nov. 5, 2003– Open Text Corporation, provider of Livelink set a new standard of excellence in the enterprise content management (ECM) space when it unveiled the newest version of its Web publishing solution and outlined its plans to bring the benefits of world-leading ECM, collaboration and Web content management solutions to the combined Gauss and Open Text customer bases. Open Text announced the news at LiveLinkUp Orlando 2003, the company’s annual users conference underway this week, November 3-6.

The solutions give Open Text the world’s leading ECM portfolio, and allow the company to offer customers the most comprehensive, fully integrated set of solutions for managing content, making Open Text the ECM platform vendor of choice. The new publishing features, website templates and archiving for compliance, are being offered as part of Livelink for Web Publishing.

«Online content is overflowing in companies today. The challenge isn’t just to manage all of this content more effectively, it’s managing content in a way that is compliant with a growing list of regulations affecting electronic content, including Sarbanes-Oxley,» said Anik Ganguly, Executive Vice President of Products at Open Text. «We want to give customers all the features they need to manage content for any kind of site, offer solutions that make it easy to publish content for those in a position to do so, and integrate records management and archiving to meet customers’ growing compliance challenges.»

Integrating Gauss

By adding Gauss’ VIP ContentManager, Open Text can offer Gauss customers integrated collaboration and knowledge management capabilities, while offering Livelink customers the best-of-breed capabilities of VIP ContentManager for high-profile corporate websites. «The biggest payback from content management comes from streamlining the collaboration that goes into the creation of websites and the content that is published on websites. Now, VIP ContentManager customers can fully benefit from these efficiencies,» said Bill Forquer, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Open Text. «Customers no longer face the dilemma of choosing between best-of-breed and ECM. We can offer both options, with a roadmap for reducing the number of repositories over time. Customers can now make the right tactical choice that fits within their current budget, secure in the knowledge that they are simultaneously taking a step toward a more complete ECM solution.»

Gauss’ solution offers more sophisticated site management features designed for dynamically changing company websites – the main online «store fronts» for companies and their corporate brands. Adding the Gauss product to the Livelink ECM suite complements Livelink for Web Publishing and its tight integration of sophisticated collaborative tools for developing, reviewing and publishing content to intranets and extranets.

The roadmap for the future enables existing Gauss customers to use VIP ContentManager alongside Livelink’s ECM platform, giving them the option to move to a unified repository solution. Open Text will introduce these new capabilities with Gauss over the next year (Open Text acquired Gauss last month).

New Publishing Capabilities

The new templating features of Livelink for Web Publishing version 1.2 allow customers to create templates of sites that can then be used in different parts of the organization. For example, a company can create a template for an internal human resources site, which can be used by human resources departments for different divisions throughout a large company. Templates ensure a standard look for each site, defining structure, role definitions and content. Templates also allow users — whether novices or experienced users of content management software – to get a site up and running quickly.

New site archiving and rollback features add a records management component to Livelink for Web Publishing. When a site is published, the snapshot of that site can be archived back into Livelink and put under records management control. The site archive can be easily called up to see what was on the site at that particular date and time or for the purposes of rolling the site back to that state. This gives companies a way to preserve a record of content published on sites for compliance purposes.

Other new features for Livelink for Web Publishing include:

Attribute driven publication, in which Livelink’s metadata can be used to drive the publication of content. This enables the abstraction of links between content and allows companies to easily change the structure and look of a website without having to modify a single piece of content.
Increased scalability through support for multi-level caching, replications and load balancing.
Improved workflow integration, including new «publish» and «staging» steps. The new staging step gives site administrators and users greater flexibility in deciding how and when the approval process is initiated.
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