Una de las principales Telecos finlandesas ha implantado el software de automatización documental Documill para mejorar el proceso de generación y envío de documentos comerciales sobre Salesforce y Sharepoint.

DNA, a European operator based in Finland needed an advanced document automation system to complement its Salesforce-based CRM implementation. Documill Dynamo answered DNA’s needs. It provided a radical improvement in document-driven sales processes and helped cut costs, boost efficiency and improve quality.

Need for good documentation solution

Service innovation is a must to players in the fast-paced and competitive telecoms markets. And so is quickness and accuracy of customer support and communications. Such requirements made the European telecom operator DNA replace its old Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with the Salesforce cloud platform.

A popular 3rd party document generation application was a key part of the new platform. Only, it could not deliver what DNA’s sales teams needed.

Production of complex document types required additional work from the application supplier. And still, the sales representatives found themselves tweaking the documents manually to make them look acceptable. It all was too slow, complicated and expensive.

Automation with Documill Dynamo and ROI in 3 months

A replacement solution was deployed in the form of the Documill Dynamo. Things got quickly better, thanks to the application’s flexibility and support for advanced functionalities required by DNA’s sales process.

With Documill Dynamo, DNA achieved Return-On-Investment for the project in 3 months. For the enterprise sales team, the project paid itself back in 3 months.

Documill Dynamo has really allowed us to unleash the full power of the Salesforce platform. It helps us make our strong brand even stronger by providing faster customer service, boosted efficiency and increased quality of customer communication.” – Harri Hakala, DNA Oy

Faster customer service

Customer service got quicker and more accurate, as Microsoft SharePoint was made the single repository for the key sales documents, accessible directly via Salesforce.

Boosted productivity

Creation, publishing, and distribution of documents became smoother. No more external tweaking, no matter how complex a document or thick a document package.

Increased quality

Document quality got an instant boost. A wide selection of attractive templates now enables tailoring of content to the needs of different audiences, whether it is about language, style or depth of information.

Future-proof deployment

Future will see even tighter SharePoint integration of the DNA solution. More dynamic templates will also be produced to support new use cases. In the meantime, Documill’s helpdesk support ensures that things go smoothly.

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