La nueva estrategia de Vignette, enfocada a los portales corporativos, parece que da sus frutos. Nos llegan noticias de que están implementando la intranet corporativa de la mastodóntica Intermountain Health Care (, algo así como la Sanitas española, pero con dimensiones posiblemente mucho mayores. El sector de la Sanidad Privada es ya de hecho uno de los principales ‘targets’ de los fabricantes de CMS y DM.


AUSTIN, Texas   (June 3, 2003)  Vignette Corp. today announced that Intermountain Health Care (IHC) Inc. has selected Vignette Portal Group Suite as a key component for the company’s online strategy. IHC is an award-winning charitable, nonprofit healthcare organization in which doctors, hospitals and health plans work together to provide affordable, high-quality care. The first phase of this initiative will be the deployment of a companywide intranet to serve IHC’s more than 20,000 employees.

Intermountain Health Care, recently named the nation’s top integrated healthcare system for the third time in the past four years, selected Vignette to establish an integrated online environment that will provide employees with secure access to the company’s intranet. IHC will leverage the scalability, modularity and flexibility in the Vignette Portal Group Suite to easily create and share relevant information and increase business process efficiency, including the introduction of paperless forms and automated workflows. By building an integrated intranet that spans the extended organization, IHC will be able to lower total cost of ownership and avoid the redundant costs and fragmentation that often occur within organizations in the absence of a coordinated strategy and cohesive delivery platform.

In selecting Vignette for the company’s portal initiatives, IHC recognized the importance of a flexible and scalable solution that provides Web-based, single sign-on across multiple applications while maintaining a consistent look and feel across the company’s Web properties. Vignette Portal Group Suite will enable IHC to foster employee collaboration with features such as messaging, document sharing and online community building. In addition, Vignette portal technology will allow employees to take an active role in the development and maintenance of portal content. Non-IT staff members will have the ability to update and personalize content within the portal using familiar tools, helping free IHC’s IT staff to focus on more technical projects.

«To help achieve our goal of increasing employee collaboration and driving business efficiencies, the IHC employee portal is designed to be an enterprisewide tool that will enable our staff to meet and exceed the customers’ expectations,» said Jeff Johnson, manager of internal e-business services at Intermountain Health Care. «By fostering increased collaboration and integrating with critical applications such as Crystal Reports, Oracle 11i HR, Novell GroupWise and many internally developed applications, Vignette portal solutions will help unify Intermountain Health Care’s network and help eliminate duplicative projects in our various business units, in turn reducing cost.»

IHC has additional plans for Vignette solutions, including the development of partner portals and enhancements to its customer portal that will help IHC provide improved online customer service.

«As the leading healthcare provider in Utah, IHC recognizes the importance of providing superior customer service via offline as well as online channels,» said Nolan Rosen, vice president of worldwide marketing at Vignette. «Vignette portal solutions will allow IHC to better serve customers while increasing productivity and efficiencies internally. As the company’s online strategy continues to grow to encompass the company’s customer portal, Vignette portal solutions provide the flexibility to meet these growing needs.»

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