We Are Cloud ha presentado la versión 3.0 de la solución de cloud Business Intelligence Bime en el marco de las conferencias Demo Fall 2011, que se celebran del 12 al 14 de Septiembre en Silicon Valley (USA). El nuevo servicio incluye QueryBlender, que, según We Are Cloud, por primera vez permite conectar datos dispares y en tiempo real estén dónde estén. Para más información, ver la nota de prensa en inglés más abajo.

SANTA CLARA, CA, Sep 13, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — DEMO FALL 2011 — We Are Cloud, the «ICT European start-up of the year,» today announced the release of Version 3.0 of Bime, the global and elegant business intelligence (BI) service for the age of cloud computing, at DEMO Fall 2011. 

With Bime V3.0, even small and medium-size enterprises can mine their own business with a powerful cloud BI service that turns big data into big dollars, fast. For the first time, its unique QueryBlender allows users to connect the dots between disparate, live data sets — no matter whether they reside on a local drive or are streaming through web services around the globe. 
With QueryBlender, Bime is the first cloud BI solution that unlocks the power of federated databases, so users can query dozens of sources and make sense of them — regardless of query language, file, and meta data formats. QueryBlender lets users mix and match virtually any information, from legacy spreadsheets and large relational databases to live data streaming in from Google Analytics, Google Apps, salesforce.com, or Amazon Web Services. 
«For the past three years, we have been working with our customers from China to the Americas and Europe to build a BI solution that gives straight answers to hard-core business questions,» said Rachel Delacour, We Are Cloud co-founder and CEO. «Bime is easy to use, fast to deploy and so affordable that every manager and knowledge worker can tap into the sea of data we’re all swimming in. Bime V3.0 lets everybody shine new light on their data so they can make better decisions faster.» 
Bime V3.0 is a pioneering BI service born in the cloud and built for the cloud. It runs in any browser and lets users within minutes explore, visualize, publish and share important insights from their enterprise and the Web at large. The new product makes collaborative decision-making for a mobile workforce and global organizations a snap. 
«Everyone is awash in data, but starved for information,» said Nicolas Raspal, CTO and co-founder of We Are Cloud. «With We Are Cloud, you can ask almost any question and see an answer in milliseconds. Our customers can effortlessly work with any type of data, no matter what the format or the location — that’s the key competitive advantage they want. We deliver business intelligence at the speed of thought.» 
Co-workers and external partners get an instant read on important developments and trends through live dashboards and widgets they can access on the go. Dashboards and widgets can be emailed or embedded on any web page, while owners retain full control over who can access the data visualization and for how long. 
Bime V3.0 requires no large downloads, no time-consuming set-up and no tedious uploads of data sets. Companies can tap into the power of cloud BI without giving up control over their data, yet are able to perform sophisticated calculations fast, thanks to a proprietary in-memory OLAP calculation engine. Bime V3.0 scales with each user’s individual requirements. They can choose to seamlessly upload data into its Deja Vu distributed cache, or work on millions of data sets by harnessing the power of the most powerful database stacks and cloud computing platforms, from Google and salesforce.com to Hadoop MapReduce. 
About We Are Cloud We Are Cloud is the creator of Bime, a pioneer solution of cloud BI, born in and built for the cloud. Bime delivers simple-to-use yet powerful BI, analytics, data visualization and dashboarding in a software-as-a-service application, making data analysis fast, easy and low-cost. We Are Cloud was founded in 2009 in Montpellier, an academic R&D hotbed in the South of France. The company has received several rounds of angel funding. We Are Cloud has been recognized as a trailblazer in the cloud BI field, most recently as «Best European Start Up of the Year» at ICT Spring 2011 in Luxembourg and «Best Cloud Application» by the Cloud Computing World Series Awards in London. To find out more, visit: http://bimeanalytics.com . 
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