89 Degrees (www.89degrees.com), empresa proveedora de soluciones de marketing, ha desplegado el software de análisis de negocio de Sas (www.sas.com), para reducir sus gastos e incrementar la ganancia a través de una visibilidad mejorada y unas campañas de marketing más efectivas. De este modo, la compañía se ha podido ahorrar cerca de 1 millón de dólares, así como alrededor de 3 millones de dólares más a uno de sus clientes del sector retail, al enviar mensajería electrónica a los destinatarios correctos. En suma, la herramienta ha permitido que la empresa tenga más información sobre sus clientes y cuáles son sus necesidades más relevantes. Más abajo la nota de prensa íntegra en inglés.

89 Degrees, a marketing solutions provider that uses advanced analytics to drive better results for data-intensive marketers, needed to help clients in several US retail segments reduce marketing expenses and increase revenue through enhanced customer insight and more effective marketing campaigns. Using software from SAS, specialist in business analytics, 89 Degrees saved $3 million for one of its retail clients by targeting direct mail to the right customers, and $1 million for itself.

Jundong Song, 89 Degrees Partner and Vice President of Marketing Intelligence and Technology, described how the agency uses SAS for strategic planning, database management, customized reporting and analysis: «SAS helped us cut through the clutter and arrive at creative solutions and strategies that are data-driven, analytics-led and technology-enabled.»

«The struggle to integrate data from different departments and channels hampers efforts to obtain a comprehensive view of customers,» he said. «This is where SAS fits in – helping analytical professionals answer challenges faced by all businesses, large, small or midsized: Who are my customers? How can we make our communications and services relevant to their needs?»

Centering its entire customer intelligence and marketing platform on SAS, 89 Degrees boosted and streamlined the data management, analytics and business intelligence that underpin its marketing solutions and services. Now the agency doesn’t have to learn, use and manage multiple tools to solve its clients’ specific problems. It further capitalizes on its SAS talents and industry best practices to build tailored applications using SAS, and continuously evolves the SAS-centric database marketing platform in response to clients’ business needs.

«Since deploying SAS, we have saved more than $1 million in headcount and technology expenses, and averaged 20 percent annual revenue growth. SAS gives us a flexible framework we can adapt over time to support performance objectives and constantly changing market dynamics. SAS is the right technology for us and an indispensable part of how we do business,» said Song.

By tracking and analyzing digital, in-store and direct marketing responses and organically growing customer intelligence, 89 Degrees has improved tailored strategies and solutions. Using SAS, 89 Degrees developed its marketing intelligence cloud platform and eCalibrator applications to optimize email marketing.

Other SAS-developed applications hosted at 89 Degrees include: Route Remix to optimize direct mail; WISE to measure and influence the inter-effectiveness of emailing campaigns, e-commerce activities and store purchases; and other marketing trigger programs.


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