Caixa Galicia y la Casa del Libro, dos empresas españolas, están implementando Vignette para facilitar a sus clientes cada vez más el que puedan ‘servirse por sí mismos’ desde las webs respectivas. Son dos de las empresas que la central de Vignette en Texas menciona en una reciente nota de prensa como ejemplos de empresas que a nivel mundial están utilizando su suite para gestión documental, gestión de contenidos, herramientas colaborativas o de Record Management.


AUSTIN, Texas   (August 16, 2004)   Vignette Corp. today announced that leading organizations worldwide such as The County of Santa Clara, The State of Michigan, Caixa Galicia, Casa del Libro, Turkcell and many others are rapidly rolling out customer service initiatives with Vignette content management, portal, integration and collaboration technology. By providing personalized access to information 24 hours a day, Vignette solutions are dramatically affecting the way organizations interact with their customers, while minimizing costs, facilitating self service, speeding issue resolution, automating business processes and creating cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

In today’s «always-on» world, customers have come to expect the convenience, efficiency and accessibility of real-time online service. Where online access to general information once sufficed, customers now demand robust services, such as online bill-paying, access to review and edit account information, and online order placement and tracking. Vignette’s solutions help organizations meet these expanding expectations, enhancing current customer satisfaction and attracting new customers.

Customer service is particularly competitive in the financial industry, and Vignette has worked with leading global banking and financial services companies to offer customers a single view of their personal banking accounts, mortgages, home loans, small-business loans, and credit and loan applications; streamline management of existing checking and saving accounts; convert banking customers to investment customers; and facilitate management of co-branded products by affiliate card networks. In addition, government entities such as The County of Santa Clara and The State of Michigan also have found success with Vignette’s customer self-service solutions, reorganizing site content into life-event navigation tools, automating processes that previously required extensive human support, and offering core services online such as license renewal and adoption prescreening.

«Two of the most popular features we have on the University of California, San Diego’s staff portal are self-service in nature: an online staff directory and a search tool for staff job salary ranges,» said Rick VanderKnyff, manager of the University of California, San Diego’s staff portal project. «As we move into the next generation of Vignette solutions, Vignette Application Portal and Vignette Content Management, we’ll start to address the student audience with a whole range of self-service applications, from Web registration to online class schedules.»

«Web self-service is becoming a part of larger self-service suites (multichannel) and, eventually, customer interaction hubs,» said Esteban Kolsky, research director for Gartner, in a March 2004 report. «From stand-alone point solutions that were the norm just two to three years ago, vendors today provide solutions that can not only be used in the Web channel, but also can be leveraged into other channels.»

Vignette’s content management, enterprise document and records management, and collaboration and portal solutions can be deployed in a modular fashion to assemble customer applications within the heterogeneous environments common in today’s enterprises, reducing costs associated with Web development and management of business processes. Built purely upon a foundation of industry standards and open technologies, the Vignette V7 suite allows customers to select easily integrated modules to build custom Web applications and lay a solid foundation for future growth. Support for a wide array of standards, the tight integration of suite components and prebuilt enterprise integration adapters enable customers to rapidly build on existing deployments with additional components from any vendor, including Vignette. Vignette’s open architecture is designed to leverage existing applications and information to power robust, content-rich self-service applications and further reduce total costs of customer service.

«Since our inception, we’ve been helping organizations communicate more effectively with various audiences, and have always placed a high priority on facilitating efficient customer interaction,» said David Shirk, senior vice president of products, strategy and worldwide marketing at Vignette. «Portal, collaboration, enterprise content management, document and records management, and services build on companies’ existing content stores to enhance customer service. Existing customers are adding innovative self-service applications to existing Vignette-based deployments, while new customers are rolling out original customer-facing sites to address enterprise or department-level needs.» 

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