MicroStrategy (www.microstrategy.com), compañía especializada en soluciones de Business Intelligence, ha anunciado que Kinross Gold Corporation, empresa minera de oro con base en Canadá y con minas y proyectos en Brasil, Canada, Chile, Ghana, Mauritania, Russia, y los Estados Unidos, ha desplegado su solución móvil de BI, la cual le ha permitido a los supervisores regionales obtener datos casi en tiempo real sobre las operaciones. Más abajo el resto del comunicado en inglés.

Kinross needed a mobile solution that could address its diverse workforce, provide near real-time feedback on mining operations, and give regional supervisors the ability to input data directly from the mines without the need for PCs. According to Alexis Ricordi, Director of Project Management, Kinross completed a full analysis of all the available analytics vendors to select its platform of choice.  Considerations included speed of the platform, ease of use, mobile functionality, speed to development, and total cost of ownership. 

«Previously, we were spending way too much time maintaining the systems and getting them to the point where we can actually deliver business value,» said David Cefai, VP Information Technology, Kinross Gold Corporation.   «We needed to make a course correction in our BI strategy. That’s when we started to look to more robust solutions and selected MicroStrategy as the clear leader. I have been very happy with this decision.»

Kinross has taken the approach to develop once and deploy everywhere. «When developing dashboards at Kinross, we make sure that we design them to run on PC’s as well as on mobile equipment,» added Ricordi. «One of the biggest advantages of MicroStrategy is that we can develop them once and they can be available to the users on multiple platforms.»

Having a mobile application has benefited Kinross’ fleet management supervisors who are constantly on the go. The Kinross iPad application is used across multiple sites in different countries, and automatically changes based on the language needed.  Additionally, with transaction services, the supervisors are able to input data directly from the field, which speeds up decision-making.  To learn more about MicroStrategy Mobile’s use at Kinross, visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTV76dLLPbc. 

«Since implementing MicroStrategy, we have also been making significant business process changes. There is no debate that the solutions that we implemented both from a process and technology perspective are delivering significant value,» said Cefai.

«The ability to deliver timely insights to decision makers in the field in whatever language they need it is imperative to a global organization like Kinross,» said Paul Zolfaghari, President, MicroStrategy Incorporated.  «MicroStrategy Mobile, widely regarded by leading industry analysts as the top mobile BI platform, differentiates itself from other mobile BI tools with its support for multi-language content and numerous other analysis capabilities. Simply put, MicroStrategy Mobile allows organizations like Kinross to easily explore their data and uncover valuable nuggets of insight in a few taps. No other niche vendor matches MicroStrategy Mobile’s power, simplicity, and elegance.»


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