Think that Business Process Management (BPM) is not for you because you don’t have simple processes that follow the same path every time? Think again.

Dynamic BPM moves process support out of that «pre-defined & well organized box» into helping those difficult cases that elude traditional formalized process management techniques.


Do you find that in your organization: 


The unpredictable is more the norm than the exception? 

You value the ability to improvise in any situation to come out on top? 

You don’t want to be tied down a fixed process, but still want the benefits of coordination and proving compliance? 

If yes, then this webinar is for you! Join us as we illustrate how Dynamic BPM allows you strike the right balance between structure and flexibility in processes. 


Topics covered include: 


Why the need for Dynamic BPM Platforms? What are the benefits? 

How is it different from traditional BPM? 

How do customers use a Dynamic BPM Platform? How can it be used to soften the impact of the recession? Where is the fit?



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