Most US utilities operate in a regulated market. But globally, many utilities markets are deregulated, meaning unhappy customers can simply switch providers whenever they choose.

No stranger to this reality, EDP España has transformed itself, placing the customer at the center of its business strategy. In a campaign to recover former customers, EDP España needed to identify those customers who pursued other options, understand why they left, and take action to regain their business.

With SAS Marketing Automation, EDP España is turning new customer insight into rekindled relationships and market share. SAS has helped the utility automate processes in its customer relationships – no small feat, with a customer base of 2 million. Today, customer recovery rates are above 80 percent, and loyalty exceeds the industry average.

“SAS has helped us achieve 95 percent customer loyalty among electricity customers and 80 percent customer loyalty in gas supply,” says Carlos Menéndez, Head of Business Intelligence at EDP España. “What we value most about SAS is the fact it is an integrated solution that lets us make decisions analytically and transfer them to the market very quickly.”

The bottom line? The importance of the utility customer is changing. Using customer analytics, utilities are creating marketing campaigns that elevate customer satisfaction rates, increase participation in energy-efficiency programs and reduce churn.


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