La solución de Open Text para almacenamiento y archiving de email ‘Opent Text’s IXOS suite for Microsoft Exchange’ ha sido certificada por VeriTest (certificador oficial) para Windows Server 2003. Esto quiere decir que los productos Open Text-IXOS para email archiving y almacenamiento están garantizados por la propia Microsoft para trabajar con Exchange, o lo que es lo mismo con Outlook. Open Text tiene oficinas en España.


Chicago, IL. – 2004-08-17 – Open Text Corporation, the worlds largest provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, today announced that its e-mail management solution is the first to complete the Microsoft Certified for Windows Server 2003 program. This stringent third-party testing by VeriTest of Open Texts IXOS Suite for Microsoft Exchange Archiving ensures ultimate compatibility with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 standards, and guarantees both higher reliability and lower total cost of ownership than non-certified applications.

After intensive testing, VeriTest found that the solution complies with all Microsoft standards and will easily accommodate upgrades, offering the highest quality and longevity to customers. More specifically, Open Text successfully passed the tests for Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition that measure Windows server fundamentals, install and uninstall capabilities, active directory support and the user interface. Additionally, Open Text received the Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition certification, which tests the same functionalities, but also focuses on cluster support in high-performance environments and advanced reliability needs.

Our customers have told us that e-mail archiving has become one of their most important business critical applications, said Dr. Roman Götter, Marketing Manager, Groupware Archiving and Compliance Solutions, at Open Text. As such, it was a top priority for Open Text to put forth significant time and money to have our solution testedparticipating in the Microsoft certification program was truly an investment in our customers.

VeriTest is the only authorized independent worldwide lab to test enterprise applications for Microsoft’s Certified for Windows program, which establishes an unprecedented technical standard to identify applications that are secure and manageable, and that run reliably on the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. The certificates, listed under the IXOS Software name, can be reviewed online for more detailed information at:

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