El grupo de instituciones financieras que conforman APAC como son National Australia Bank, Commonwealth Bank de Australia, Japan’s Oita Bank y el banco coreano Hana Financial Group, han desplegado las soluciones de analítica de Sas (www.sas.com) y Teradata (www.teradata.com) para analizar las tendencias en el comportamiento del cliente, así como para gestionar el riesgo y fraude. Más abajo la nota de prensa íntegra en inglés.

Leading financial groups like National Australia Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Japan’s Oita Bank and Korea’s Hana Financial Group are using innovative analytic solutions from SAS and Teradata to help accurately analyze customer behavior trends and manage risk and fraud.

To remain competitive in today’s economy, financial organizations must focus on customers. Insights derived from effective, real-time analysis of customer touchpoints let organizations improve loyalty programs and targeted marketing campaigns. Improved outreach boosts customer acquisition and retention, while increased customer analysis reduces fraudulent transactions. With joint solutions from SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, and Teradata, (NYSE: TDC), the world’s largest company focused on data warehousing, businesses can apply resources to engaging the right customers, while reducing risk to customers from fraud.

“Connecting Teradata and SAS® Marketing Automation enables high-level analysis and effective campaign management,” said Shinji Shojima, Senior Manager of Business Planning at Oita Bank. “The new customer-management capabilities let us implement event-based marketing – more effectively engaging customer segments based on their lifestyles. We can now base campaigns on customers’ behavior and needs while providing them more detailed services.”

Whether implementing joint SAS and Teradata programs (Analytic Advantage, Business Insight Advantage, Anti-Money Laundering Advantage and Credit Risk Advantage) or individual solutions executed within a Teradata data warehouse (e.g. SAS Analytic Accelerator for Teradata, SAS Fraud Management and SAS Marketing Automation), businesses in Asia-Pacific can better analyze customer behavior trends and gain multidimensional views of profitability. This leads to faster, more-informed decisions and more profitable customer relationships.

“Organizations need innovative solutions that improve insight not only into customer and industry trends, but into their own organizations, to remain competitive. SAS and Teradata continue to offer joint solutions that enable our customers to drive innovation and economic growth,” said Mikael Hagstrom, Executive Vice President of SAS Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

“Eight of the top 10 banks in the world use Teradata’s parallel database; our design makes it the perfect analytic engine to integrate data from across the enterprise and produce timely intelligence for fast and reliable decision making,” said Rob Berman, Vice President of Teradata Partnerships and Alliances. “Combining SAS Analytics inside the Teradata database provides our customers with the ability to instantly access and analyze fresh and historic data, reducing time-consuming data movement while executing analytic parallel processing in seconds and minutes, rather than hours and days.”

Today’s announcement came at The Premier Business Leadership Series event in Singapore, a business conference presented by SAS that brings together more than 500 attendees from the public and private sectors to share ideas on critical business issues.


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