El Ministerio de Asuntos Sociales, Trabajo y Solidaridad francés ha desarrollado algunas soluciones de Business Objects, fabricante de herramientas de Business Intelligence, para ayudar a más de 1,3 millones de jóvenes a encontrar un empleo. La iniciativa ‘Parcours 3’ introducida por el ministerio es una herramienta basada en las soluciones de Business Objects que ayuda a la creación de empleo a escala local, regional y nacional.


SAN JOSE, Calif–July 7, 2004–The French Ministry for Social Affairs, Labor and Solidarity has deployed solutions from Business Objects, a world leading provider of business intelligence (BI) solutions, to help more than 1.3 million young people across France secure employment. The organization has introduced an initiative called ‘Parcours 3’, a tool based on Business Objects solutions, that helps facilitate the creation of employment opportunities at local, regional and national levels.

«Based on technologies from Business Objects, the ‘Parcours 3’ information system is a monitoring and management tool for 6,500 users. It provides day-to-day help for counselors in the Local Missions whose job is to welcome and support young people in difficulty,» said Alain de Lorgeril of the IT Mission at the employment and vocational training division of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Labor and Solidarity. «It also provides the government, the local and regional councils and national authorities with a national and regional observatory of the situation of young people and a direct means of gauging the efficiency of public policies for employment.»

«Parcours 3» is the management tool used day-to-day by counselors who welcome and monitor young people aged 16 to 25 at the Local Missions. The counselors are able to access a range of dashboards built using Business Objects solutions. These solutions contribute directly to making their daily work more efficient, and allow them to keep track of young workers, their level of training, initiatives to find employment, accommodation, and means of transport. Business Objects solutions also help the counselors compare the information with local and national data, and create alerts to enable pre-emptive measures when risks of emergency situations are identified.

The directors of Local Missions will also be able to use Business Objects solutions as part of their management strategy to promote their organizations when developing partnerships. This is especially valuable as they are co-financed by the French government, the European Union, the Regional Councils and the municipalities, and are required to be fully transparent about their activities. Via an extranet powered by Business Objects, the government will have access to aggregated, global, and updated information. They will be able to evaluate more precisely the impact of different regional and national social integration schemes with a view to further development. 

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