Filenet ha lanzado hoy un módulo de conexión con BEA Weblogic Portal 8.1 que facilitará a los desarrolladores la personalización de su ECM sobre la plataforma de portal de BEA. Entre otras cosas no habrá que replicar las bases de datos desde Weblogic a Filenet, sino que podrán conectarse directamente.


COSTA MESA, Calif., Sept. 15– FileNet Corporation today announced a joint solution with BEA Systems Inc., known as the FileNet Content SPI Integration for BEA. With this service provider interface (SPI), users of BEA WebLogic Portal 8.1 can easily leverage FileNet’s content management capabilities in developing dynamic and personalized Web applications. In addition, the integration leverages the upcoming JSR 170 specification, which simplifies integration with other standards-based portals in the future.

«We believe that many organizations have not achieved the results they desire in integrating enterprise content management with their portal environments because of the lack of standards-based methods of integration,» said David Caldeira, vice president of product marketing, FileNet Corporation. «The FileNet Content SPI helps address this issue through standards-based integration that reduces reliance on custom code, and simplifies the delivery of content.»

The SPI is designed to provide integration without the need to replicate data between the BEA WebLogic Portal content repository and FileNet content repository. Consequently, as content is changed within FileNet, the change will be immediately reflected within the portal environment via the SPI. The result is a Web application development infrastructure that enables businesses to develop content-rich applications that deliver information exactly when and where it is needed to empower business partners, suppliers and employees to make better decisions faster.

«FileNet has assumed a leadership position in addressing key content-to- portal integration issues faced by many companies today,» said Scott Edington, vice president and general manager of global software partners for BEA Systems, Inc. «FileNet has established itself as the leading early adopter of BEA’s content SPI approach and has also shown differentiation with their portlets built and optimized for the BEA WebLogic Portal — both of which have allowed our customers to improve information accessibility and enhance the value of their BEA WebLogic platform investments.»

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