Health Revenue Assurance Holdings, compañía proveedora de soluciones para la industria sanitaria, ha anunciado que Otsego Memorial Hospital (OMH) ha seleccionado la herramienta HRAA como un partner estratégico en la evaluación del impacto que la transición ICD-10 tendrá en su organización al utilizar ICD Visualizer. Más abajo la nota de prensa inglés.

OHM will utilize ICDVisualizerTM, HRAA’s proprietary business intelligence solution to analyze their medical data for financial, coding and documentation impacts to mitigate risk associated with the ICD-10 transition and thereafter. Specifically, with ICDVisualizerTM’s revolutionary mapping features, HRAA’s team of subject matter experts will determine Diagnosis-related Group (DRG’s) with the greatest risk of financial impact by third party payors,  identify unmatched codes based on CMS reimbursement maps, and most frequent principal diagnosis codes vulnerable to payor downgrading upon ICD-10. OHM will be able to estimate its cash flow impact, which is essential for its ICD-10 preparations.

On the Outpatient side, OHM will be able to focus on coding issues differentiated by service lines to visualize what efforts best apply to high volume ancillary services dependent upon orders, versus those optimal for surgeries most dependent upon procedure documentation. ICDVisualizerTM identifies the Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs) applicable to Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes on accounts and associated translation options to help anticipate potential coverage risks with the ability to segment by medical staff and specialty.

OHM is a progressive, independent, fully accredited acute care facility located in Gaylord, Michigan, providing a broad range of quality care and personal services to over 35,000 patients annually. OMH works daily to provide a patient focused regional alliance dedicated to healthcare excellence by providing more than 27 medical specialties, including Cardiovascular Services, Neurosciences, Oncology and Radiology to name a few.

«HRAA is proud to be Otsego Memorial Hospital’s partner. Our business relationship goes back 12 years and we are committed to streamlining OMH’s ICD-10 transition utilizing our technology solutions, expertise and reliability,» said Andrea Clark, Chairman and CEO of HRAA



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