iManage ha anunciado el lanzamiento de CadLink para iManage Worksite, una solución que integra las aplicaciones de diseño asistido por ordenador (CAD) con su plataforma iManage de gestión documental.

El objetivo principal de este producto, que posibilitará el enlace entre iManage Worksite y AutoCad o Microstation, es el de permitir a ingenieros y diseñadores las funcionalidades de un gestor documental sin salir del entorno nativo de CAD.

iManage considera que la integración completa de los diseños CAD con las posibilidades de extranet, seguridad, y de colaboración en la cadena de valor de los proyectos de diseño y construcción puede suponer altas reducciones de coste y tiempos derivados de una mayor productividad y de disminución en el riesgo de errores.

Más información en la siguiente nota de prensa:

iManage Offers Full CAD Integration for the iManage WorkSite MP Suite

FOSTER CITY, Calif., Nov., iManage today announced the release of CADLinkfor iManage WorkSite MP, a solution that integrates leading computer-aided design (CAD) applications into the iManage platform. Designed to help engineers leverage content management functionality from within their native CAD environment, CADLink for iManage WorkSite MP is being introduced under an OEM agreement between iManage and McLaren Software, the leading developer of content-based enterprise applications for companies in the process manufacturing, utilities and engineering, design and construction sectors.

The introduction of CADLink for iManage WorkSite MP will combine the power of iManage’s collaboration content management solution with the CAD
capabilities of industry-leading products like Autodesk AutoCAD and
Bentley MicroStation. CAD drawings and the intricate network of
references between the CAD files typical of complex designs, are all stored, accessed and controlled through iManage Worksite MP, enabling engineers to work concurrently and improve design cycle time. Engineers using the solution can access drawings directly from the iManage repository through the familiar menus of their CAD applications, speeding the adoption of content management practices. Combined with the powerful extranet capabilities and tight security model of iManage WorkSite MP, CADlink enables businesses to collaborate across their value chains on design and construction projects at significantly reduced time and cost.

«A content management system that fully integrates CAD drawings is of huge value to our users,» said Greg Bosworth of Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (VHB), a recognized leader in providing transportation, land development, and environmental services. «CADLink for iManage WorkSite MP gives us the best of both worlds, enabling our engineers to access complete collaborative content management functionality to improve the quality, speed and accuracy of their work without leaving their familiar CAD application environment.»

CADLink for iManage WorkSite MP offers key benefits to users in the process manufacturing, utilities and engineering, design and construction
industries, including:

Increased speed of design development/faster time to market — By enabling multiple parties to collaborate with full version control and reference file handling, the solution enables highly efficient concurrent engineering. Easily administered access control provides for wider audience visibility into the design process. By managing CAD drawings alongside all supporting documentation and background for easy reference, CADLink for iManage WorkSite MP shortens project ramp-up time and helps new team members come up to speed quickly.

Reduced costs — By making a single version of each drawing easily accessible by authorized users, CADLink for iManage WorkSite MPreduces the number of CAD licenses needed for reviewers and consumers while conserving LAN and WAN bandwidth and reducing costs for storage and records management.

Increased engineer productivity  — Powerful search functionality and
dedicated project workspaces reduce the time needed to locate project-related information, and facilitate the efficient re-use of project templates and designs. Full version control eliminates errors resulting from engineers working on the wrong version of a drawing. Caching functionality reduces the time needed to access drawings over a network — even those stored in remote locations.

Reduced risk — CADLink for iManage WorkSite MP reduces a firm’s financial liability in two ways:  improved accuracy and better management of project content reduce the likelihood of claims resulting from errors or overruns; the solution also supports full regulatory compliance by capturing a complete audit trail of how
information is accessed, when and by whom.

Improved quality — Instant access to relevant design information; control and distribution of standard practices and procedures; and improved collaboration help teams leverage the full resources of their firm to deliver the highest possible quality of work.

Said Tim Taylor, chief business development officer of McLaren Software,
«CAD design and content management are both critical areas of functionality for the industries we serve, and integrating the two is extremely effective for users. CADLink for iManage WorkSite MP gives engineers the ability to draw on the full resources of both applications from within a single unified, productive and simple-to-use environment.»

«Our agreement with McLaren Software is our latest initiative to enable customers to extend their iManage content management capabilities to encompass every kind of content they use — even highly complex documents like CAD drawings,» said Steve Pattison, iManage vice president of business development.

CADLink for iManage WorkSite MP is currently available; it will support AutoCAD 2000, 2000i, 2002, 2004 and MicroStation 8 and 8.1; and will be compatible with the Windows 2000, 2002 and Solaris 8 operating systems.

About McLaren Software

McLaren develops content-based enterprise applications for companies in the process manufacturing, utilities and engineering, design and construction sectors. McLaren Enterprise Engineer helps organizations manage commercially significant engineering content and associated business processes and lifecycles. It helps organizations to maximize the value of the intellectual property tied up in their documents, drawings and business processes while mitigating the commercial risk associated with their use. By allowing engineering content to be managed on the same enterprise wide platform as other content, its value is realized across the entire enterprise. It can be used and re-used in a wider range of business processes and communicated more effectively. McLaren Enterprise Engineer is for any large organization that is involved in designing, building or operating large built assets with a need to manage engineering content at an enterprise level.

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