Interwoven está apostando fuerte por introducirse en todas aquellas empresas que ya tienen instalado o que piensan hacerlo, MySAP Enterprise Portal. A final de mes van a exponer en Basel, Suiza, las posibilidades de integración de TeamSite 6 con las aplicaciones empresariales de SAP.


SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sept. 29 / — Interwoven Inc. today announced that it will showcase its industry-leading content management platform, Interwoven 6, and product integrations with SAP solutions at the SAP NetWeaver Conference, September 30 – October 2, 2003, in Basel, Switzerland. The conference will take place at Basel’s Swiss Exhibition Hall, and Interwoven will exhibit in Booth #2.32.

Interwoven’s integration with SAP solutions provides organizations and users with a number of unique benefits, including easy reuse of content and content contribution across all initiatives while enforcing corporate approval, audit processes, and best practices throughout the enterprise.

Customer BOC Meets Global Collaboration Goals with Interwoven and SAP

At BOC, one of the largest and most global of the world’s industrial gases companies, Interwoven integrates with mySAP Enterprise Portal to provide content creation, management, intelligence, and distribution capabilities for both intranet content deployed via portals and for external content supporting eCommerce portals.

«Interwoven is a critical component of our mySAP Enterprise Portal, which provides us with an affordable solution, allowing us to empower thousands of contributors while still controlling the process,» said Andy Fawcett, information management director for e-Services at BOC. «In other words, Interwoven helps us ensure the accuracy and relevance of content on our portal, supporting our worldwide portal strategy of sharing and reusing content across departments-and across the globe. That’s real portal power.»

At the SAP NetWeaver event, together with Hewlett-Packard and OctaVIA AG, a leading German IT consulting organization, Interwoven will be demonstrating the seamless integration of the Interwoven ECM platform with the SAP NetWeaver platform to enhance information flow across and beyond the enterprise, enabling:

    — NetWeaver People Integration:  Interwoven certified iViews for the
       mySAP Enterprise Portal provide direct access to Interwoven content
       management functionality directly from mySAP Enterprise Portal enabling
       portal users to access relevant, accurate and timely business content;

    — NetWeaver Information Integration: Integration of the Interwoven
       TeamSite Content Server, MediaBin Asset Server and MetaTagger Content
       Intelligence software and services with mySAP Enterprise Portal to
       provide context-based Web or rich media assets to any application;

    — NetWeaver Process Integration:  Integration of Interwoven TeamSite
       software business process services with mySAP Business Suite to provide
       business users with seamless, end-to-end process management for faster

    — NetWeaver Application Integration: Interwoven ContentServices, the
       industry-leading services-oriented architecture of the Interwoven
       platform, exposes Interwoven Enterprise Content Management services
       within any SAP application through an on-demand model providing
       unstructured content management capabilities to any business
       application user.

Interwoven and SAP – Continuing the Momentum

Earlier this year, Interwoven announced that it received certification from SAP AG of the Interwoven TeamPortal software integration with mySAP Enterprise Portal. With the Interwoven TeamPortal for mySAP Enterprise Portal, customers transparently access and act on trusted content through SAP iViews.

Last year, Interwoven introduced the industry’s first open and implemented Web Services specification for access to enterprise content management functionality. This proposed Content Services standard was championed by Interwoven with support from SAP and other leading application vendors with portal offerings.

Also announced in 2001, Interwoven provided integration with mySAP Enterprise Portal using Interwoven Content Services, providing scalable, robust, and easy to expand integration with the portal. An open, Web-services based technology, Interwoven Content Services ensures maximum performance, security, availability, and reliability with lower cost of ownership of a company’s enterprise portal, business intelligence, Web application server, or CRM initiatives.

«Interwoven’s strategy is simply to deliver the most dynamic, open content management solutions for the global enterprise, and we are thrilled to join forces with SAP, H-P, and OctaVIA to do just this,» said Martin Brauns, chairman and CEO of Interwoven. «With SAP NetWeaver, Interwoven extends and enhances the open framework of SAP solutions with a complete content management solution, providing our customers with the enterprise tools they need to deliver secure, timely, and relevant content.»

About the SAP NetWeaver Conference

The SAP NetWeaver Conference is the first event dedicated to SAP’s open integration and application platform — a unique foundation for building flexible, end-to-end business solutions from disparate systems, across the value network, without costly customizations. Held in combination with SAP TechEd ’03 Basel, the conference will bring together experts from around the world to explore SAP NetWeaver’s role in lowering the total cost of ownership of integration projects.

Designed for decision-makers, IT-managers, and to everyone who wants to learn about the many business benefits that come with the introduction of SAP NetWeaver, this three-day conference will offer sessions that cover everything from integrating SAP, non-SAP, legacy, and cutting-edge applications and systems, to extending the reach of enterprise business processes with partner solutions. For more information visit:

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