Revolution Analytics recently commissioned a benchmark study designed to test the relative performance of Revolution R Enterprise and SAS/STAT across a range of tasks. In this webinar, we describe the methodology, benchmarking environment and results achieved. We also provide detailed information that will enable webinar participants to replicate the tests on alternate hardware environments. Find out which software ran faster, by how much and why.

 Revolution Analytics’ customer, DataSong, analyzes terabytes of data every day for its brand name retail clients such as Neiman Marcus and Williams-Sonoma to help them accurately attribute marketing spend to revenue. Being able to pinpoint the cause of purchasing behavior allows marketers to avoid spending money on activities that don’t drive results, and invest in those that do. DataSong’s CEO, John Wallace, will talk about the impact that very fast performance at very large scale has had on his firm’s productivity and the accuracy of the results they achieve for clients. 

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