Ixos Software y Esker Software, ambas con delegaciones en España, han anunciado un acuerdo estratégico en la feria para usuarios de SAP, Sapphire, que se celebra en estos días en Orlando, EEUU. Por este acuerdo comercializarán conjuntamente sus soluciones Esker DeliveryWare Platform e IxoeCon Solution Suite.

ORLANDO, FL–(MARKET WIRE)–Jun 17, 2003 — At SAPPHIRE ’03, IXOS Software and Esker Software — SAP Software Partners and leading global providers of document archiving/management and intelligent e-document delivery solutions respectively — announce a new strategic alliance. The alliance brings together Esker DeliveryWare Platform and IXOSeCON Solution Suite as a total solution for the creation, delivery, archiving, and retrieval of business transaction documents, reports, and other enterprise content.
The IXOS-Esker solution automates any document-centric step in business processes driven by SAP solutions or other enterprise applications. Benefits to organizations include improved service to customers and business partners, better business communications at lower cost, faster payment for goods sold, and improved profitability.

At Hollister Incorporated, a healthcare products manufacturer relying on SAP solutions to manage its supply-chain operations, Esker DeliveryWare has eliminated paper-based document delivery and manual processing of documents by corporate buyers and customer service personnel. With facilities in the U.S. and Europe and a distribution network in 90 countries, Hollister delivers approximately 250,000 business transaction documents per year. For Hollister, Esker DeliveryWare has improved staff productivity, reduced annual document delivery costs by almost $70,000, and accelerated cash flow by shrinking the time it takes to process and respond to business transaction documents.

In similar applications, IXOSeCON Solution Suite provides significant efficiency gains, enabling real-time collaboration throughout the enterprise (between back office, front office, and call center, for example), accelerating exception handling, and improving customer/partner relationships. BMW, a long-time SAP solution user, relies on IXOS archiving and retrieval automation to reduce invoice exception processing time by over 60 percent, critical to maintaining strong supplier relationships. IXOSeCON Solution Suite also supports key accounting and business efficiency requirements for distributed organizations such as food producer and SAP solution user Mott’s, providing real-time access to invoices and other documents from remote and central locations.

«The joint Esker-IXOS solution contributes directly to the enterprise’s bottom line,» says Danielle Hooper, director of strategic partnerships at IXOS. «Whether managing invoices, purchase orders, business reports, or other documents, the enterprise can use our solutions to ensure lower printing and distribution costs, faster access to critical business information, greater loyalty among customers and partners, and improved profitability.»

«Our solutions and the quantifiable benefits we provide to organizations complement each other exceptionally well,» adds Steve Broadway, vice president of business development at Esker. «In financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and many other industry applications, our combination of delivery automation and total document management meets today’s most fundamental business requirements — simplify the business process, enable real-time communication, and deliver fast, hard-dollar return on investment.»

IXOS Software AG is an SAP Global Software Partner; Esker Software is an SAP Software Partner.

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