XyEnterprise es un fabricante de software Content Management XML especialmente querido en CMS-Spain.com y del que hemos publicado abundantes informes y documentos (buscar por ‘xyenterprise’ o ‘manuales’ o ‘cross’). En esta ocasión publicamos una nota de prensa en la que informan de la utilización de su software por parte de la Boeing en USA, para la gestión Cross Publising de los manuales del Boeing C-17.


Boeing C-17 Program Produces Results with XyEnterprise XML Publishing Solution

    Business Editors/High-Tech Writers

    READING, Mass.–March 24, 2003–

Mission critical application provides automated high-volume formatting for complex structured content

    XyEnterprise, the leading developer of XML content management and enterprise publishing solutions, announced today that the Boeing C-17 Program has deployed the latest release of XyEnterprise’s XML Professional Publisher (XPP) software.
    The XPP application, used in concert with XyEnterprise’s content management software, automates the production of mission critical technical manuals and service documentation for each of the C-17 aircraft produced by the Boeing Company (NYSE:BA).
    XPP is the proven standards-based composition, transformation and rendering software offered by XyEnterprise for complex and automated publishing in the technical documentation, commercial, legal, journal and financial publishing markets. XML Professional Publisher (XPP) is used by leading corporations and other organizations to process and transform standardized inputs (such as XML) into high quality PDF and print output. XPP supports structured content and complex typographical capabilities in batch, WYSIWYG, and development environments for end users and integrators.
    Boeing produces the C-17 Globemaster III for the US Air Force to fulfill airlift needs such as carrying large combat equipment, troops or humanitarian aid across international distances directly to small airfields anywhere in the world. The XyEnterprise solution enables Boeing to support the training, operation, and maintenance of this important aircraft in its multitude of missions.
    Boeing selected the XyEnterprise content management and publishing solution in support of their award-winning design, development and manufacturing process for the C-17. In the past year, Boeing moved forward to the latest release of XyEnterprise software in order to maintain their ability to effectively re-use structured content and automatically transform this content into paper or PDF output. The XyEnterprise system also supports the sophisticated change page and looseleaf output standards found in most military technical documents.
    Jorjik Pourghassamians, manager of the technical publishing group at the Boeing facility in Long Beach, Calif., commented on the recent system upgrade to XPP 7: «Our ability to perform mission critical updates and ongoing document production for the C-17 Globemaster and the U.S. Air Force is imperative. XyEnterprise worked diligently with our team to deploy the latest version of their XML product and enable us to support this program in a resource-effective manner. Our partnership with XyEnterprise enables us to get the results required by the Air Force.»
    Richard Pasewark, VP Sales and Marketing, XyEnterprise, commented, «We are pleased to support Boeing in their mission to deliver and support the C-17 Globemaster aircraft. The success of this program is an indication of Boeing’s capabilities and XyEnterprise’s experience with mission critical content management and publishing solutions. This experience and insight has enabled us to create products and services that serve the needs of both military and commercial XML applications.»

    About XyEnterprise

    Xyvision Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (XyEnterprise) is the leading provider of single source, multi-channel XML publishing solutions. Its XML content management software — Content@ — and its automated XML publishing engine — XPP — power sophisticated solutions for global leaders in the publishing, technical documentation, financial, government, and e-Learning arenas. XyEnterprise workgroup solutions with enterprise impact drive success for its customers including Boeing, Bureau of National Affairs, Gulfstream, IBM, Thomson and Thomson, Sun Microsystems, LexisNexis, and many others. For more information, please contact XyEnterprise at 781.756.4400 or www.xyenterprise.com.

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