Airbus ha dado luz verde a la expansión de un plan de gestión de la información y el conocimiento que ya comenzaron el año pasado, y que fue desarrollado por varios fabricantes de software británicos. Nos referimos a Stilo y Epistemics que están implementando todo un sistemas de gestión de la información para Airbus. Ninguno de los dos tiene presencia en España.


Londres, 19 de junio.- Aerospace giant Airbus has given the green light to the second phase of a major knowledge engineering project, designed to improve knowledge sharing within the organisation.

The decision follows the successful implementation of a pilot project last year (2002) by a consortium headed by Stilo, the UK’s leading content engineering company, together with Epistemics, a knowledge management specialist, and KTI, a knowledge management consultancy.

The initial project saw Stilo and Epistemics work together to integrate their SophX and PC Pack technologies to create SophX Pack. This in turn has enabled Airbus to implement the European MOKA methodology for knowledge-based engineering applications across its operations in the UK and France.

Phase two will see a further rollout of SophX Pack, which enables Airbus’ engineers to have instant access to the organisation’s extensive knowledge base and seamlessly reapply existing skills and knowledge to new projects.

Les Burnham, chief executive of Stilo, said: «Ensuring they have the right tools in place to achieve true knowledge sharing capability is vital to Airbus and we are extremely pleased that the initial pilot project has now been extended.

The flexibility of SophX allows it to integrate with the other knowledge management applications installed at Airbus. One main goal of the project is for Airbus to drive the adoption of the MOKA methodology in the aerospace industry and lead by example. With support from products such as SophX Pack, MOKA can help reduce development time and improve design integrity.

Burnham added: «The knowledge and experience we have already gained will enable us to help implement the project in a timely manner across the organisation and deliver true benefits in all areas.»

SophX provides a structure for capturing business objects and logic. This knowledge is then used to provide intelligent access to information and to support automated data transformation and exchange. Using XML, SophX can be implemented in a broad range of enterprise content integration projects.

PC PACK is a desktop software tool that allows the user to pull information from different knowledge sources to perform in-depth analysis and modelling, and structure or present the data in a variety of formats.

Stilo is a global provider of content engineering technologies and expertise to help the worlds largest organisations implement and extend content and knowledge management systems.

With offices in the UK, North America, Benelux and France, Stilo has extensive experience in the deployment of XML / SGML processing technologies and the development of enterprise applications with major knowledge engineering organisations and publishers of complex information and technical documentation.

Customers are drawn from a broad range of market sectors including publishing, aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, IT, government and defence, and include Reed Elsevier, Volkswagen, SAS, Airbus, Alcatel , SAP, European Commission and BAe Systems.

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