MicroStrategy Incorporated, a worldwide provider of business intelligence (BI) software, today announced that MicroStrategy Wisdom is available for beta testing by corporate marketers to analyze the preferences of their Facebook app users.

MicroStrategy Wisdom is a cloud-based analytic application that lets companies explore the vast range of demographic and psychographic information contained in their Facebook app users’ profiles.  Users who have provided their Facebook permissions can receive a more personalized app experience.  Companies can more effectively engage with their Facebook app users through the deeper insight delivered by MicroStrategy’s technology.

Through its set of pre-packaged dashboards, MicroStrategy Wisdom gives marketers visualizations that enable them to better understand and segment their Facebook populations.  The dashboards include a powerful filtering technology that lets marketers create unique population groupings using combinations of Facebook’s wide array of personal attributes.  The technology also allows marketers to create population groupings based on Facebook page-likes, which are uniquely powerful indicators of peoples’ interests and affinities.

MicroStrategy Wisdom is built on MicroStrategy’s high-performance BI platform, incorporating the analytic strength and data scalability that are the hallmarks of MicroStrategy’s BI technology.

«By offering MicroStrategy Wisdom as a cloud-based service, we are making all of our business intelligence expertise and infrastructure instantly available to our clients that seek greater engagement with their customers on Facebook,» said Michael J. Saylor, chairman and CEO of MicroStrategy Incorporated.  «MicroStrategy Wisdom is an innovative technology for companies to capture customer intelligence and engage with Facebook app users more effectively.»

For more information, visit www.microstrategy.com/wisdom.

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