Presentamos un número especial de SAScom titulado “Better Answers, Master” dedicado exclusivamente a resolver cuestiones relacionadas con el Business Intelligence, y a presentar aplicaciones y casos de implementación de SAS.

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BI tells the story

Using SAS Business Intelligence, executives at engine giant Briggs & Stratton can get answers in complete story form, beyond disjointed facts and figures.

BI helps students achieve their dreams

The Alamo Community College District applies business intelligence to predict the academic needs of its student body.

A closer look at SAS Enterprise BI Server

Follow a business and an IT user scenario to see how SAS Enterprise BI Server delivers better answers, faster.

What is a BICC? (And why do you need one?)

In an excerpt from the new book, The Business Intelligence Competency Center: A Team Approach to Competitive Advantage, SAS experts advocate the benefits of a centralized approach to BI.

Taking BI to the next level

Gartner Analyst Bill Hostmann advises readers on initiating and structuring a BI competency center.

What’s the return on your BI investment?

South Africa’s Nedbank Limited consolidates its BI expertise to generate “quick but sustainable wins on projects.”

Partnering for business intelligence

SAS partners offer additional hardware, middleware and consulting knowledge to ensure the success of your BI efforts.

Competing on analytics

Tom Davenport, author, educator and researcher, discusses the results of a study about companies that are competing successfully on the basis of their analytic


Howson highlights power, ease of use

Cindi Howson, business and IT consultant and author, reviews the unique capabilities of SAS Enterprise BI Server, including the “must-have” SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office.

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