Software AG (, empresa especializada en software de Business Process Management, ha comprado la empresa con base en Reino Unido, Metismo ( en el marco del ProcessWorld 2011, llevado a cabo en Berlin. Metismo ofrece una plataforma multi-funcional flexible para el desarrollo de aplicaciones móviles. Además, los datos de los dispositivos móviles como GPS, audio y vídeo pueden ser integrados dentro de las aplicaciones de negocio in-house. Por un lado, los procesos de negocio establecidos pueden reaccionar a información móvil externa en tiempo real, y por el otro, pueden ser gestionados y controlados desde cualquier lugar. Más abajo fragmentos de la nota de prensa en inglés.

Metismo was founded in July 2007 and has its headquarters in Hampshire in the UK. The company’s write once – run anywhere software platform for the development of mobile applications converts Java source code to native source code for different mobile devices.
Business applications are generated easily that run on all common mobile operating systems. This leads to a drastic reduction in development time of mobile apps. Metismo’s technology is used in millions of units sold via Apple AppStore, Google Marketplace, Nokia Ovi, BlackBerry App World & operator portals.

“This is a key technology in enabling the fully Digital Enterprise”, said Software CTO, Wolfram Jost. “This transformation to the Digital Enterprise will be the major business challenge of the next decade. Companies have to react to rapidly changing markets and new market entrants. It is through real-time business information, management and control, from anywhere that they will be able to react fast enough to gain real competitive advantage.”

A perfect example of the structural changes through mobile applications is emerging “mobile payments”, forecast to reach over a trillion dollars in the next three years. The accompanying revolution in payment systems will require new, creative business models from banks, mobile operators and retailers, that must quickly react to changed business rules.

“The combination of Software AG and Metismo will provide enormous value to customers of both companies through a unique process driven approach to mobile application and a unique rapid development approach across multiple devices”, said John Chasey, CEO at Metismo. “I am looking forward to the opportunity both myself and my team will have through Software AG’s
global R&D organization and sales structure”.


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