Autonomy, fabricante de software corporativo, ha sido elegido para realizar el nuevo portal de VisitBritain, la página web turística oficial de Gran Bretaña. El Intelligent Data Operating Layer de Autonomy proporciona información sobre el país y destinos turísticos a usuarios de 34 países y en 18 idiomas. Una de las funcionalidades clave de Autonomy fue el desarrollo de una sofisticada infraestructura para VisitBritain capaz de entender las necesidades de los usuarios y de ofrecerles aquélla información en la que están interesados. Mediante un potente sistema de búsqueda y recuperación de información independientemente del formato, origen o idioma, gracias a Autonomy VisitBritain puede dirigirse a perfiles de usuario mucho más específicos. La infraestructura de Autonomy se utiliza para automatizar la gestión de la relación con el cliente, la gestión del conocimiento, el business intelligence y aplicaciones de e-business.


Autonomy, a global leader in infrastructure software for the enterprise, today announced that VisitBritain, the government funded organisation responsible for marketing Britain overseas and England to the British, has launched a new look consumer website powered by Autonomy, Autonomy’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) will provide users in over 34 countries around the world with immediate access to a wealth of information in 18 languages about Britain and its many tourist attractions.

VisitBritain selected Autonomy in order to provide visitors with up-to-the-minute information and make it easier than ever to inspire and advise potential travellers. A key task for Autonomy was to develop a sophisticated infrastructure for VisitBritain capable of understanding the needs of users throughout the globe and able to deliver compelling, accessible information to all potential visitors. By automatically aggregating, analyzing, indexing, retrieving and routing content from disparate sources irrespective of format, language or storage location, Autonomy enables VisitBritain to target visitors more effectively and increase Britain’s profile as a world class tourist destination.

Dynamic personalization features such as user profiling and automatic hyperlinking allow Autonomy to form an understanding of users’ requirements and make proactive suggestions about suitable destinations. In addition, Autonomy assists VisitBritain in its collaboration with partner agencies and external groups such as the national tourist boards throughout the UK by indexing and linking external content providing visitors with a one-stop resource for tourist information.

James Keeler, Global Head of CRM and Online Marketing at VisitBritain said, «By appointing Autonomy to work on our website, we are able to significantly improve the way we interact with potential visitors to Britain and ensure that we are effectively communicating the huge variety of experiences that Britain offers. Autonomy provides us with a powerful tool to personalise our services which will, in turn, enable us to grow our overseas customer database to over 6 million by 2006″.

«The re-design of also includes, a vital tool for British tourism providers. We are delighted to able to set an industry standard and provide those who work in the travel trade instant access to critical information,» said Dominic Johnson, Group Marketing Director, Autonomy.

Autonomy’s unique Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) integrates unstructured, semi-structured and structured information from multiple repositories through an understanding of their content. Autonomy grants enterprises the flexibility to use advanced information retrieval or legacy-based approaches. At the heart of Autonomy’s software is its ability to process text, voice and video and identify and rank the main concepts within them. It then automatically categorizes, links, summarizes, personalizes and delivers that information. Autonomy’s technology also drives collaboration across the enterprise and enables organizations to effectively leverage expertise. Autonomy’s infrastructure technology is used to automate operations within enterprise information portals, customer relationship management, knowledge management, business intelligence and e-business applications, among others.

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