En el fondo son también 11 perfectas razones para plantearse la compra de una herramienta de este tipo.

Estas son si desarrollar las 11 razones:

1. Build Better New Processes Faster
2. Know What Youre Doing (Right or Wrong) Through Current Process Understanding
3. Avoid Friction During Mergers and Acquisitions
4. Get Someone Else to Do the Dull Stuff With Business Process Outsourcing
5. Buy Software and Implement Packages Better
6. Get Control of Parallel Processes by Consolidating to Core Processes
7. Get Idiot Work Away From People Through the Automation of Manual Processes
8. Value/Supply Chain Creation/Maintenance and Other Process Fusion
9. Do Things Better With Optimized Processes
10. Stay Out of Trouble by Staying Ahead of Compliance
11. Stay Hungry: Move Faster Through Scenario Building for Agility and Policy Management

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