Publicamos grabación del webinar grabado el día 25/02/2020 Ponentes:Jorge García Presentation of my new report…

Publicamos grabación del webinar grabado el día 25/02/2020

Ponentes:Jorge García

Presentation of my new report «Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing: Enabling the Fourth Industrial Revolution».

The implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has the potential redefine manufacturing and revolutionalize the sector. So much so, that the realization of this effort may culminate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Specifically, AI technologies have the potential to change the way manufacturers operate their production lines and factories and offer services to their customers. There are a number of areas where the incorporation of AI into the main software systems used by manufacturers will have an impact on the manufacturing business:
Reduction of mundane and monotonous jobs, leaving them for robots and freeing humans to focus on more rewarding tasks.

Quality assurance, in detecting a higher percentage of faulty products not visible to the naked eye and producing fewer defective products.

Predictive maintenance, in ensuring maximal uptime and equipment efficiency, thus preventing or minimizing manufacturing delays.

Enhanced customer service and support, by better understanding the issue and perhaps remotely addressing it, even without intervention from the customer.

As AI technologies learn, they will find new ways to increase efficiencies and save manufacturers time and money. While the potential benefit of AI to manufaturing plants is immense, currently only a small fraction of manufacturers have invested into integrating AI technologies into their main software systems to enhance production and distribution. This is partly due to a lack of knowledge and understanding about the role of AI in manufacturing on the part of those involved in technological purchases for the organization.

The report aims to enhance manufacturing decision makers’ understanding of the importance of AI-based solutions and their potential for their manufacturing business. It takes a look at the evolution of AI, the AI-based software market within the manufacturing industry, including a look at the potential impact of AI on the shop floor. It examines how IIoT initiatves can help manufacturers complete the data value cycle and outlines the specific benefits manufacturers can expect to garner from these technolgies. It also examines factors to consider in the evaluation of AI-based technologies, briefly describes the main AI-based solutions on the market, and captures users’ perceptions regarding the adoption of AI technologies on their organization.   

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