BancTec (, fabricante de escáneres documentales y de software para la gestión documental y el BPM con presencia en España, ha anunciado, con motivo de la Feria AIIM Expo, que se celebra en Nueva York, la total integración de su producto de software para el Business Process Management, eFIRST BPM, con los paquetes para la digitalización (eFIRST Capture) e eFIRST para archivo.


DALLAS, March 9 /PRNewswire/ — Extending the rich enterprise-class, mission-critical document management capabilities of its eFIRST product portfolio, BancTec, Inc., today announced the full integration of its eFIRST process business process management (BPM) software suite with its eFIRST capture and eFIRST archive technology solutions.  eFIRST process combines BancTec’s acclaimed case management software, eFIRST case, with the industry- leading FloWare workflow solution from Plexus Software, a division of BancTec.

By incorporating workflow and case management into one solution, and tightly integrating that solution with document capture and archival capabilities, BancTec offers customers the best software and hardware infrastructure for high-performance, highly available enterprise document management systems.  Backed by a program to enhance the eFIRST product suite throughout this year and beyond, BancTec expects to reinforce its industry standing and position itself for future growth, particularly among large, high-transaction organizations.

BancTec will demonstrate the combined power of its document scanners and fully integrated eFIRST technology suite in an electronic mailroom environment during end-to-end product demonstrations in its booth (No. 1024) at the AIIM Conference and Exposition this week.

eFIRST process makes it easier for companies to develop, deploy and manage enterprise-wide process management solutions, which is increasingly becoming a foundation for new document management business models in many organizations.

Designed for large, high-transaction business environments, eFIRST process can relieve potential bottlenecks through the automation of complex, multi-step operations, and enforcement of business principles.  By streamlining and optimizing business processes, eFIRST process enables companies to redistribute valuable resources, improve service, achieve process efficiency, gain greater control over their business functions, and respond quickly to changing market requirements.

«For an organization to meet the fast-changing demands of a global enterprise requires a new breed of process management platform,» said Malcolm J. Gurney, vice president, worldwide operations, at BancTec.  «The market challenged us to provide process management solutions that are flexible, scaleable, and robust, that meet their unique needs, and are easy to deploy and manage.  eFIRST process, combined with eFIRST capture, offers what our customers are demanding for the emerging electronic mailroom environment.  We have delivered a path whereby companies can position for tomorrow’s document management models — today.»

With eFIRST process, customers can expedite document management and
decision-making through efficient operation of business processes.  eFIRST process accomplishes this with seven tightly integrated modules: Process Engine, workflow software specifically engineered for intense, high-volume transaction-based processes; Process Analyzer, process modeling, analysis and simulation tools; Process Monitor, real-time business activity monitoring;

Process Decision, a flexible rules engine; Process Intelligence, a comprehensive process performance reporting tool; Process Builder, a configuration framework that enables the rapid deployment of user interfaces, forms and data objects managed within the eFIRST process solution; and Process Integrator, which connects processes to applications.

«eFIRST process redefines what customers should expect in a truly integrated document management environment, in terms of improving productivity and streamlining decision-making,» commented Jim Forkin, general manager, at Plexus.  «At the core of eFIRST process is FloWare, so it is incredibly powerful, fast and reliable.  And with eFIRST process, a company’s business information can be modeled and related to various processes.  Customers get an end-to-end process management solution that enables their operations to run more efficiently and gives them a strategic advantage in exploiting their resources.»

BancTec’s enterprise-class eFIRST product portfolio provides customers with the features, functions and support needed to compete in today’s ever- competitive market, and to position them for the future.  The three technology pillars of BancTec’s eFIRST product portfolio are: eFIRST process; eFIRST capture, which sorts, classifies and processes all types of paper and electronic documents with minimal operator intervention; and eFIRST archive, which allows long-term, large-scale archival of data, images and other objects to a variety of media.  Many leading organizations worldwide have implemented
one or more components of the eFIRST product suite, including Travelex, Credit Agricole, Cisco Systems, British Airways, ABN Amro, Ford Motor Credit, Q8 Petroleum, British Telecommunications, and Premium Credit. 

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