At the Cassandra Summit in San Francisco and London, Jay Modha, VP of Equity Derivatives IT at Credit Suisse, shared how his team implemented the Hippo project, an application that enables a trader’s risk system, interacts with the trading user interface (UI), and stores results and reports. The goals for Modha and team were to provide a risk system that can meet the high availability requirement traders demand, a data retention feature for regulatory compliance, an optimal trading UI for easier navigation and the ability to handle the potential growth of the portfolio data no matter the size.

The risk system at Credit Suisse makes sure that traders can manage the risk within their portfolios and hedge portfolios correctly no matter what the market performance is. To make that happen, the risk system must be available 24×7 to allow traders around the globe to pull results of various control functions for trading activities. In this talk, Modha will demonstrate how they have built one of the most reliable services at Credit Suisse using Cassandra in an environment that is changing all the time – navigating the complex path of scheduled downtime, disaster recovery scenarios and the realities of using shared infrastructure in a corporate environment while still maintaining zero downtime for their users.

He shared his experience of how a small team of 4 developers supported a user base of more than 600+ users globally and went through in more detail how they have deployed Cassandra and manage it from an operations perspective.

You’ll also learn how Cassandra’s Time-To-Live (TTL) functionality was leveraged to meet regulatory data retention requirements and some examples of how their Cassandra schema has evolved to deliver new functionality for users.

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