Tableau Software (, compañía especializada en soluciones de Inteligencia de Negocios, ha anunciado que la empresa especializada en soporte tecnológico, DecisionOne, ha desplegado Tableau para ayudar a que las empresas tomen mejores decisiones y den mejor servicio a sus clientes. Más abajo la noticia completa en inglés.

Founded more than 50 years ago, DecisionOne is one of the largest independent technology support organizations in North America. Its teams of technicians and customer service representatives work on more than 35,000 service events every month, or more than 1,000 each day. Using Tableau, DecisionOne is analyzing data on each of these service events to cut down on the time it takes to fulfill each request and to operate more effectively.

“By visualizing our complex data in Tableau we are finding ways to work more efficiently,” said John Rooney, Senior Vice President of On-Site Services at DecisionOne. “We’re able to review elements of our data in Tableau such as how much time a technician spends on a certain project, how far they must travel to service a customer, and even shipping data on all of the equipment we handle for our customers. The result is we’re able to run our business more efficiently while providing higher levels of service to our customers.”

After evaluating ten analytics solutions, DecisionOne selected Tableau thanks to its ease-of-use and its capabilities to let anyone explore and interact with dashboards. Rooney notes that his team saw the power of Tableau during their initial two-week trial period.

“Tableau rose above other options very quickly because it was so easy for our team to learn,” said Rooney. “Just during our two-week trial period we were up and running. We started by analyzing data on hundreds of daily service events in one of our key customer industries. It was amazing how quickly we were able to see and interact with this data, and within days we were presenting dashboards to our customers.”

Importantly, Tableau has made analytics available to anyone at DecisionOne, without requiring any programming knowledge or prior work with data analytics solutions. This means that anyone—from technicians to managers—can easily interact with and explore data.

“Using Tableau to explore and analyze our data in great detail is helping us be more competitive in the market,” said Rooney. “From data on individual service events to an overview of our business as a whole, Tableau is letting us make quick, data-driven decisions that were time consuming as well as challenging before.”

DecisionOne is headquartered in Devon, Penn. and has 1,200 employees in North America.

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