eiStream es una importante empresa norteamericana, conocida por su potente software Business Process Management, pero que también tiene gestión documental.

Eistream, una importante empresa norteamericana, fabricante de software para Business Process Management, y con delegado en España y algunos países suramericanos, ha lanzado hoy al mercado la nueva versión de su eiStream Keyfile Business Process Management, el eiStream Keyfile 7.0, módulo de su suite enfocado a la gestión del proceso y workflow de documentos de todo tipo.


DALLAS, May 19 — eiStream, Inc., a leading provider of Business Process Management solutions to more than 5,000 customer sites in 134 countries, today announced a major new version of its eiStream Keyfile Business Process Management (BPM) software designed to enhance document tracking, management, organization, version control and more.
eiStream Keyfile 7.0, a part of the eiStream product family, is a comprehensive software solution for document management. The release of eiStream Keyfile 7.0 demonstrates eiStream’s commitment to Keyfile customers by delivering ongoing important Keyfile features.

«eiStream constantly reviews its products to ensure they are offering customers the right tools for the right job. This new version of eiStream Keyfile reflects our focus on customer satisfaction and the continued delivery of quality software products designed to enable an efficient work environment through support and automation of mission critical processes throughout an organization,» said John Oldham, eiStream Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

eiStream Keyfile 7.0 incorporates a three-tier architecture for ease of use, quick document storage and retrieval and integration with the Internet:

The Keyfile client, known as the Workspace, provides a user-friendly look and feel of a Windows desktop or of a Web browser depending on the user’s preference.
The Keyfile Internet Information Server Extension (KFIIS) for the Windows Internet Information Server allows access to Keyfile Documents over the Internet via HTTP.
The Keyfile Document Server (KDS), an object database, quickly serves and stores critical documents and reliably implements a business process.
     The eiStream Keyfile 7.0 release includes:

     —  Workspace Single Sign-on for leveraging Microsoft Windows(R)
         integrated authentication to log automatically into Keyfile.
     —  Auto Logoff for greater control over the utilization of concurrent
     —  Workspace Faxing Solutions.
     —  Enhanced Searching features inside documents and when performing
         searches across selected file cabinets.
     —  Enhanced management features when working with compound documents,
         pages and alternate pages.
     —  Enhanced printing options allows for greater control over the
         printing, faxing and e-mailing of documents and annotations from
         eiStream Keyfile.
     —  Extended API for eiStream Keyfile.
     —  eiStream’s industry-leading Imaging for Windows product.

Más información sobre eiStream: www.eiStream.com .


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