Shelley Sweet, especialista en Business Process Management y presidenta de i4Process, Inc., ha lanzado aclamado libro titulado “The BPI Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Guide to Make Your Business Process Improvement Projects Simple, Structured, and Successful” (Cody-Cassidy Press, February 2014), y en el que comparte sus conocimientos y mejores prácticas en implantaciones BPM para todo tipo de profesionales de negocio a cualquier nivel. Más abajo el resto del artículo en inglés

“Over the years I’ve had many clients express how they appreciate my approach to BPI training because I make it easy to understand and they get great results quickly,” explains Ms. Sweet. “Many also suggested I write a book based on my methodology because the other books out there were very complicated. So, I took their comments seriously and wrote “The BPI Blueprint” to fill that void.”

“The BPI Blueprint” is a practical guide that outlines exactly what’s required at each phase, such as: Chartering and Staffing, Process Discovery, Process Analysis, Process Design, and Implementation Plan. Plus, modeling, analytical and redesign tools and techniques are explained so readers can replicate them. And client examples provide guideposts; demonstrating what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Readers consistently agree that it’s a simple, no nonsense guide that is perfect for anyone responsible for developing and managing Business Process Improvement projects, regardless of their experience-level or size of their organization.

One such reader review which echoes the praises of many is from Brian Safron, Worldwide Program Director, Smarter Process, at IBM, who shared, “Shelley Sweet has delivered a terrific book on how to make process improvement successful, providing guidance on everything from process mapping and analysis to organizational dynamics and politics. The book provides excellent insight on how forward-thinking companies are using the cloud for process modeling and collaboration. I highly recommend this book as a must read for business leaders and others who want a step-by-step manual on real-world best practices for process improvement.”

Sweet’s “The BPI Blueprint” book and her training programs are based on a unique 3-PEAT method of modeling processes and analyzing data that accelerates operational improvements, and builds leaders and employees who sustain operational excellence. As a result of this methodology, her stellar track record includes over 100 complex projects that have successfully: redesigned processes to eliminate waste; minimized cycle times; and greatly improved customer satisfaction for her clients.

In addition to Shelley’s popular training workshops and webinars, business professionals also learn from following her popular weekly blog at She provides her readers with ideas from her extended business process improvement experience, including practical guides for process modeling and analysis, recommendations for common obstacles, and discussions about key leadership and team roles.

In addition to writing her blog, Shelley is a featured content contributor to—the first and most influential news and analysis site dedicated to Business Process Management.

For media interviews, speaking and training inquiries, or book information please contact Shelley Sweet: email ShelleySweet(at)i4Process(dot)com, call 650-493-1300, or visit her website at

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