El evento In-Memory Computing Summit 2016 es único en toda la industria de este tipo que abarca temas de tecnologías y soluciones relacionadas a IMC (In-Memory Computing). El evento brinda la oportunidad para llegar a técnicos responsables en la toma de decisiones, implementadores y desarrolladores que hacen o influyen en
las decisiones de compra en las áreas de In-Memory computing, Big Data, Fast Data, IoT y HPC.

Entre los asistentes se incluyen CEOs, CTOs, VPS, directores de TI, gerentes de TI, científicos, ingenieros de datos, desarrolladores, arquitectos de datos y más. Es un foro único para la creación de redes, la educación y el intercambio de ideas – ideas que potencia el nuevo mundo y el futuro de transferencia de datos.

Algunos de los videos y presentación del evento  In-Memory Computing Summit 2016 a los que se puede acceder son:
The In-Memory Computing Landscape: Leading the Fast Data Revolution
Abe Kleinfeld, President & CEO, GridGain
In Memory Computing for Financial Services: Past, Present and Future
Robert Barr, VP Data Grid Engineering Lead, Barclays
In-Memory: The Foundation of the Internet of Things
Jason Stamper, Analyst, Data Management and Analytics, 451 Research
Capture Perishable Insights Before the Moment is Lost
Chris Villinger – VP Business Development & Marketing, ScaleOut Software
Tap Into Your Enterprise – Why Database Change and IMC Are an Ideal Match
Steve Wilkes – CTO, Co-Founder, Striim
Comparing Software Defined Memory Options
Benzi Galili – Chief Operating Officer, ScaleMP
Unveiling the X Platform
Girish Mutreja – CEO, Founder, Neeve Research
Propelling IoT Innovation with Predictive Analytics
Nikita Shamgunov, CTO and co-founder, MemSQL
The Benefits of Memory and Storage Convergence to In-Memory Computing
Amit Golander, CTO, Plexistor
Test Driving Streaming and CEP on Apache Ignite
Matt Coventon, Big Data Services Lead/Senior Software Engineer, Innovative Software Engineering
What Non-Volatile Memory Means for the Future of Database Management Systems
Andy Pavlo, Asst. Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Apache Ignite as a Data Processing Hub
Roman Shtykh, R&D Engineer, CyberAgent, Inc
Work with Multiple Hot Terabytes in JVMs
Per Minborg, CTO, Speedment
Using Lock-free and Wait-free In-memory Algorithms to Turbo-charge High Volume Data Management
Henning Andersen, Chief Architect, Stibo Systems A/S
Developments in Persistent Memory
Gordon Patrick, Director of Enterprise Computing Memory, Micron Technology Inc.
Decision Making with Mllib, Spark and Spark Streaming
Girish Kathalagiri, Staff Engineer, Samsung SDS Research America
Extreme Transaction Processing In A Memory-Oriented World
Girish Mutreja, Founder & CEO, Neeve Research
Demystifying In-Memory Data Grid and NoSQL DB. Are they one and the same?
Pandurang Pradeep Naik, Principal Consultant, Wipro Limited
Case Study – GridGain for Sberbank Architecture in Financial Services
Dmitriy Setrakyan, Founder and Chief Product Officer, GridGain & Mikhail Khasin, Senior Managing Director & Head of Core banking Transformation Program, Sberbank

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