La empresa Intelligent Hospitality ( ha anunciado que Viceroy Hotel Group ha seleccionado HotelIQ Business Intelligence para sus ventas, marketing y revenue reporting, analytics y soporte para la toma de decisiones en el hotel, a nivel regional y empresarial. Más abajo la noticia en inglés.

With this addition to its globally growing footprint, HotelIQ Business Intelligence will continue to help hoteliers reach their highest performance possible and evolve hotel reporting and analytics around the world.

Intelligent Hospitality CEO Apo Demirtas said «Our goal is to improve hotel reporting and analytics beyond anyone’s imagination and we feel fortunate to work with the leaders of Viceroy Hotel Group to deliver on this promise. Viceroy is an innovative change agent in hospitality and that’s a perfect fit for us»

Commenting on the implementation of HotelIQ Business Intelligence across the Viceroy portfolio, Kristie Goshow, Senior Vice President, Commercial added «our industry is consumed with the ‘topic of’ big data when the focus should really be an organization’s capability to unlock, decipher and apply key data insights. HotelIQ is a powerful solution that will empower our business to achieve these objectives and deliver stakeholder returns – be they financial or emotional.»

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