Do you need to make sense of increasing volumes of data coming from a variety of sources like web logs, sensor data, social media monitoring and mobile apps? Jaspersoft BI reporting, analytics and dashboard tools integrate with the Amazon Redshift data warehouse service, so you can visually analyze data right from your web browser.

The payment model is ‘pay by the hour’, with no up-front hardware or software costs. And from less than $1/hour. Jaspersoft also integrates with other AWS data sources such as Amazon RDS and Amazon EMR. You’ll also hear from a Jaspersoft/Amazon Redshift customer, Kony, who will share their insights and best practices based on their experience.

What you’ll learn:
• How Redshift is architected and how to leverage it
• How to use Jaspersoft reporting, analytics and dashboarding tools for Amazon Redshift, and other AWS data sources
• A customer’s perspective, from an active customer that’s done the learning for you.

Who should view:
• Solution Architects, Development Leads, Developers and other Technical IT Leaders.

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