KLM ha elegido Documentum para gestionar la documentación técnica utilizada para el mantenimiento de sus aeronaves. El departamento encargado se denomina KLM Engineering & Maintanance y emplea a más de 5000 personas. Anteriormente KLM manejaba su documentación técnica en papel y microfichas.


Documentum (Nasdaq: DCTM – News), today announced that KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, has deployed the Documentum ECM platform as the foundation for an engineering and maintenance system designed to help the airline reduce costs and comply with industry requirements.

KLMEngineering & Maintenance (E&M) employs more than 5,000 people, dedicated to servicing aircraft for KLM, its partners and other airlines. The Documentum platform enables KLME&M to easily and reliably create, manage, deliver and archive content, such as technical manuals for airframes, engines and component maintenance. It also helps KLM meet regulatory requirements such as compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Air Traffic Airspace Management (ATA) specifications.

Prior to implementing Documentum, KLM did not manage its technical manuals electronically, as content was stored on paper and microfiche. Using Documentum, KLM has enhanced operational efficiencies associated with creating and distributing content; decreases costs by eliminating paper-based and microfiche content; automated the content approval process; reduced time to locate content and provided its employees with Internet access to required information.

«KLM is well-known for providing safe and reliable air transportation, and by implementing Documentum, we enhance our industry-leading service and support,» said Rutger Pannekoek, project manager of KLM. «Documentum has a solid reputation in our industry and demonstrated a deep understanding of our business requirements. We believe we will achieve unprecedented levels of operational efficiency with Documentum.»

«We are pleased that KLM has joined a growing list of airlines that rely on Documentum,» said Dave DeWalt, president and chief executive officer for Documentum. «Companies that must adhere to complex government and industry regulations and consistently demonstrating compliance, continue to turn to the Documentum ECM platform because it is the ideal solution for creating, storing, managing and archiving mission-critical content.»

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