VizExplorer, a leading provider of operational intelligence solutions for the gaming industry, today announced that it is partnering with Everi Payments (Everi), a subsidiary of Everi Holdings Inc., to launch the new VizExplorer CashInsite with Everi IQ at the 2017 Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention.

CashInsite with Everi IQ analyzes player financial transaction data powered by Everi to give casino marketers new insights about their players’ onsite transactions and gaming spend behavior. Using this information to understand a player’s patterns, marketers can use transactional data to target audiences with customized offers designed to increase their spend and overall property loyalty. 

The solution uses Everi Payments data filtered through VizExplorer’s Data Integration Hub and sophisticated data matching engine to match the properties’ players to their onsite transactions and assign them a segmentation score. Known as the player’s Everi IQ, the score helps marketers to identify players who are loyal to the property. VizExplorer CashInsite with Everi IQ accurately captures cash access transactions occurring at a property using Everi Payments solutions to better understand player loyalty and willingness to spend.

Never before have casinos had access to information about how much money players have available to spend while on property. This addition to the VizExplorer product family is exciting for operators looking to leverage all data at their disposal to drive loyalty among customers,” said VizExplorer CTO and Founder Andrew Cardno.

By determining customer segments based on data from Everi Payments cash access transactions, casinos will be able to create more specific marketing plans that drive additional cash access transactions using Everi devices and drive funds to the floor,” said Julie Lim, Everi’s Executive Vice President, Payments and Chief Legal Officer. “Everi remains focused on providing our customers with innovative solutions to increasing revenues and customer loyalty.

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