Newgen Software Technologies, a global provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Communication Management (CCM), and Case Management solutions, has announced the launch of iBPS 3.0, its latest version of Business Process Management (BPM) product suites. Newgen BPM product suite is capable of handling both structured as well as unstructured processes and cases.

Dynamic Case Management functionality will help customers to create processes which are dynamic in nature. This implies that the Process Flow can have dynamic tasks which can be initiated at run time, or totally new tasks can be created real time as needed. Case Visualization capabilities of the system enable case participants to get a holistic view of the case and also to take up tasks assigned to them. The system supports collaboration between knowledge workers using tools such as chat, screen sharing, discussion forums, person and case calendars, etc.

Speaking on the occasion, Diwakar Nigam, MD & CEO – Newgen Software said, “iBPS 3.0 equips the knowledge worker in businesses with information and the flexibility for making prudent decisions that lead to smarter business processes. Today’s businesses need to respond real-time to a multitude of customer needs given rising consumer awareness and a truly dynamic personal and professional life. Newgen with its cutting-edge software products has always aspired to help its customers stay ahead of the technology curve and will continue to do so with the aim of driving mutual business growth. We are confident our customers across the globe will find iBPS 3.0 to be aligned to those same objectives of Newgen.”

In this age of customer, enterprises are aiming for contextual customer interactions at every touch point. Each customer interaction is an opportunity for companies to position their brand. However, businesses today in the process of going digital have lost the human touch and customer has become a mere subject for the transaction. They need to follow different approaches to delight their customers. Customers expect real-time response and continuous engagement which requires organizations to look beyond their structured processes and build flexibility in their systems.

A Case Management framework built on a BPM platform and integrated with ECM provides the organizations with an opportunity to build much needed agility. It enables businesses to execute smarter processes, empower knowledge workers and drive context in content. Organizations can leverage Case Management in processes with Investigative, Service Request and Incident Management flavors. More specifically, Employee Grievance and Product recall are cases which can be proactively managed with Case Management.

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