La compañía Progress Software Corporation ha anunciado la nueva versión de Progress OpenEdge, su plataforma de application development y un componente clave de su recién anunciada oferta de plataforma as-a-service Pacific. La plataforma Progress OpenEdge 11.3 reúne las funcionalidades de business process management (BPM) y business rules management (BRMS) para mejorar los procesos de negocio empresariales y acelerar la productividad de desarrollo. Más abajo el resto del comunicado en inglés.

This second major release of OpenEdge software this year integrates existing BPM features and the Progress Corticon BRMS, resulting in a novel approach that automates decision processes to reduce application development change cycles by up to 90%. It enables greater business agility by allowing rapid tailoring of applications with easily configurable and flexible processes, rules and workflows.

AKIOMA Software, a highly innovative provider of CRM software, that allows its clients to quote and deliver proposals with thousands of sub-orders in the manufacturing space, is using the OpenEdge 11.3 platform to increase application productivity and agility. The software, built on the Progress OpenEdge platform, with rules processing by the Progress Corticon product, automatically checks the quote for conflicts and missing elements. The results have been an increase in customer advantage by simplifying the complex process, faster time-to-market and the freedom to modify business rules without concern or delay.

Mike Liewehr, managing director, AKIOMA Software: «As an innovative CRM provider, we help clients assemble complex proposals for large scale manufacturing projects. AKIOMA is a complex app with a lot of logic. OpenEdge 11.3 gives a double-barreled time advantage. First, our developers are five times more productive with OpenEdge 11.3 than they are with other platforms, and second the solution further accelerates the go-to-market cycle by speeding up the implementation of rules and adding flexibility to the customization process.»

Liewehr added: «Having just one set of source code makes life easier for us and our customers. Combining OpenEdge with BPM with Corticon liberates software developers from implementing business decisions, a benefit to the customer in terms of cost, flexibility and speed. There is nothing you can’t do with Progress OpenEdge 11.3.»

Karen Tegan Padir, senior vice president and business line executive, Application Development for Progress Software: «Traditional hard-coded applications cannot easily support the culture of fast paced market changes. Our goal is to give businesses of all sizes more agility through seamless integration of process and data. The combination of a world-class application development platform with market-leading BPM & BRMS solutions is a powerful solution that empowers OpenEdge partners to build business applications that improve productivity and responsiveness to customers.»



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